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In Dubai, Massage these 4 places can delay aging

Appropriate massage in Dubai can promote blood flow, accelerate metabolism, and play an important role in health. On the other hand, some massage are also beneficial to the body. Massage can slow down aging and is helpful for health, so friends may wish to try it. In Dubai, as everybody knows that the harsh sunlight and dry air will gradually deprive the skin of nutrients, causing wrinkles, making girl look old. Frequently Dubai full body massage or several parts of the body to keep your face young and beautiful.

Cici is from Malaysia, she is good at the body to body massage in Dubai for you.

Dubai Massage Body to Body
Dubai Massage Full Service - Cici

The advantages of facial massage can make the skin softer and smoother, and it can effectively delay the aging process. In addition, it can also increase the local temperature, open the pores, and speed up excretion in the body. Effective cleaning can promote blood circulation and cell growth, expel waste and carbon dioxide, and make the skin cleaner.

1. Massage can help the skin absorb nutrients and promote blood circulation. The blood can bring nutrients to the cells, make the cells grow, take the transform waste in cardiovascular system out of the body, and keep the skin clean.

2. Nourish the cells of the subcutaneous tissue and make the skin firm.

3. Through facial massage, the body temperature of the face can be raised, the pores of the face can be opened, and the sebum and dust in the pores can be discharged. This can make the pores more comfortable and make the skin cleaner and healthier.

Vigorously massaging the junction of the index finger and the thumb metacarpal bone can activate blood circulation and remove stasis, and has a good effect on facial maintenance, massaging the depression in the middle of the lip can promote blood circulation in the skin and improve skin metabolism. Massage the depressions of the brows can promote the decomposition of skin melanin and prevent skin spots; massage the temples (the depressions at the midpoint of the connection between the eyebrows and the outer corners of the eyes) can promote skin metabolism and reduce spots. This is the best way to detox and beauty for your face.

Before the massage in Dubai, you can apply skin cream to enhance the lubricating effect to prevent wrinkles from aggravating; do not pinch with your fingertips, otherwise it is easy to scratch the skin, you should heal it with your fingertips; do not rub in large areas, it is important to cooperate with breathing during massage After inhaling, breathe out while slowly applying force to stop for about 5 seconds, and then follow this rhythm with a breath every 5 seconds. The strength should be slightly sore but no discomfort.

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