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Toe Massage - Best Way to Relax in Dubai Winter

In our impression, it seems that the foot is the most unclean place in the body, so many people do not like to massage their feet when they are soaking their feet. And in peacetime, you may be even more reluctant to touch the feet with hands and think it is dirty, especially in Dubai, because of the hot weather, people like the slippers so much.

Nanako is from Japan, she is good at the Japanese Massage in Dubai.

Massage in Dubai hotel

In fact, the human body's feet are not as unclean as we think, and proper massage of the feet or toes is of great benefit to the body. Today, I will tell you about the regular health benefits of regular massage of the toes.

The toes are located at the end of the body, away from the heart, and the blood circulation at the toe is poor. Pathological changes in the toes are fed back to the corresponding organs by the meridians, resulting in a variety of symptoms.

People with weak spleen and stomach often move their toes, which can make the blood in the body smooth, balance yin and yang, and help the body. If you pay special attention to the health of your toes, you can play a role in regulating the spleen and stomach.

What are the toe massage methods?

1. Grab the ground with your toes, grasp the soles, and grasp for about five minutes at a time. The two feet can be carried out separately or simultaneously, 2 to 3 times a day.

2, press the toe, the time is best controlled in about 15 minutes, the most convenient before going to bed. Especially for people who lack exercise, they have a positive effect. In the cold season, it is more meaningful if the blood is not running smoothly.

In addition, walking more has the same effect, because nearly half of the weight of a person walking is carried by the toes, walking will promote the blood circulation of the toes and the meridian operation, play a certain health care role.

Regular active toes can help stomach and help digestion

A medical study in Japan found that regular toes can strengthen the stomach and help digestion. Dr. Honda, director of the rehabilitation department of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Tokyo Traditional Japanese Medicine, said that the theory of Japanese medicine believes that the human body has a corresponding area on the foot. From the meridian, the stomach is between the second toe and the third toe of the foot. Those with good gastrointestinal function are also very strong when they are standing on the toes.

Therefore, the often active toes can play the role of strengthening the spleen and nourishing the stomach. Especially now the end of the year is coming, especially in Dubai, many people have more entertainment and the shopping festival is coming, diet is unrestrained, easy to be harmful to the spleen and stomach. Massage toes can also help the spleen and stomach to reduce the burden to a certain extent.

Dr. Honda suggested that you can take a standing or sitting position when you move your toes, your feet are flat, close to the ground, shoulder width, and the toes continue to grasp the ground - 60 to 90 times of relaxation, forming an elastic stimulation of the foot meridians. You can do this exercise barefoot or wear soft flat shoes, which can be repeated many times a day.

When you wash your feet every day, you can also put some objects such as oval pebbles in the foot basin, and practice your feet with repeated toe hooks. Warm water soaking feet can help clear the meridians, and the toe grasping objects can stimulate the acupuncture points of the local stomach, and the perseverance will gradually enhance the gastrointestinal function.

However, when using this method, patients with diabetes should pay attention to the smooth surface of the selected object to avoid scratching the local skin and inducing infection.

Tips: In addition to the benefits of more toes massage in Dubai, it is recommended that you can massage your calves while you are sitting or lying down, from the ankles to the knees.

Because there are many acupuncture points on our calves that can affect the digestive system, there are some acupuncture points that can raise stomach, spleen and spleen. These acupuncture points will make our body's various systems run smoothly after massage. Nature will bring benefits to our human health.

If you want to know more about it, just contact us for any questions you may have.

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