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There are 6 things to note about foot massage in Dubai

In Dubai, foot massage has so many benefits, can promote blood circulation, play a role in health care, and can also prevent diseases. Although foot massage is good for Dubai people, there are some precautions and people who are not suitable for foot massage. Dubai foot massage, also known as foot reflexology pathological massage, it is a massage therapy mainly to stimulate the reflex area of ​​the foot.

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6 most important notes for foot massage

1. If the foot is injured, avoid trying massage in Dubai. Not only the foot massage, but also full body massage in Dubai, if there is any damage on your body, do not try the massage in Dubai.

2. Keep the room ventilated during massage. Do not blow on your feet with air conditioners or fans.

3. Do not do foot massage for half an hour before meals and within one hour after meals. For all the parts of your Body Massage before meals may inhibit the secretion of gastric juice, which is not good for digestion. Massage immediately after meals will cause a decrease in gastrointestinal blood volume and affect digestion.

4. Time for foot massage. It usually takes about 30-40 minutes to massage one person at a time. If you are weak or cannot bear the pain, you should reduce the massage time. If you have a serious heart or kidney disease, it is best to massage for about 3-5 minutes when you massage the reflex area of ​​the organ. In addition, when massaging for patients with severe heart disease, control your strength. When you are in spring or autumn, you may get the "spring sleepy", in this situation, you can take longer time for your foot massage.

5. Drink water after foot massage. After receiving a foot massage treatment, after the reflection area is stimulated, the sediments, toxins, and the like accumulated in the reflection area and blood are discharged through the kidney, ureter, bladder and other excretory organs. Therefore, after each foot massage, you must drink 300-500cc of water to excrete toxins and sediments from the body.

6. Don't use cold water bath or rub the massage area with cold water after massage. Because the capillaries are dilated after the massage, cold water stimulation can easily cause illness.

Who is not suitable for foot massage

1. Patients who are not suitable for massage such as high fever, extreme fatigue, weakness, long-term use of hormones, and foot lesions.

2. Women's foot massage should be avoided during menstruation or pregnancy, so as not to cause excessive uterine bleeding or affect fetal health.

3. For patients with active tuberculosis, it should not be applied, so as to prevent tuberculosis bacteria from spreading with blood, leading to serious consequences of diffuse, miliary tuberculosis.

4. For patients with frequent angina pectoris, patients should be instructed to take an absolute bed rest and try their best to send them to the hospital for medical treatment, not to abuse foot massage.

5. For those severe patients with severe renal failure, heart failure, liver necrosis, etc., the stimulation of foot massage can cause a strong reaction or even worsen the condition, so it must be used with caution.

6. Because foot massage has the effect of promoting blood circulation, it should not be used for patients with severe hemorrhagic diseases caused by cerebral hemorrhage, visceral hemorrhage and other reasons, so as not to cause greater bleeding.

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