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The world's top 10 health care massage method (1)

In Dubai, you may tried many kinds of health care massage, but you may not know what is the characteristics and advantages the between them. So, what kind of massage method is easier to learn, what kind of effect is more significant, which method is most suitable for you, now small make up to you to introduce the world's top 10 health care massage method. 1, Traditional Thai massage

In Dubai, Thai massage is the most intense. All kinds of massage are developed by the Thai royal physician Phillip according to ancient western India, then went to Thai massage and some massage technique to create local Chinese immigrants, the highest etiquette as served the royal aristocrats. Its techniques have also been impressed on watt veranda wall wave pass area, it is known as "Thai massage base".

Massage 60 to 120 minutes

Main efficacy enhancement body flexibility

If you want to relieve muscle and joint,, improve the body flexibility, and not willing to or have no time to active sports, might as well try a Thai massage too. This massage is to experience with passive yoga, using unique push to the push and pull technique such as rolled on, through the pressure foot and waist, on ridge role in muscle fascia and joint etc, as the high strength movement after a massage.

Other efficacy to relieve physical and mental fatigue, accelerate the fat burning, regulate gastrointestinal viscera function, enhance immunity, etc

Massage details

You do not need to use the massage oil. Massage from your toes up to the top of the head end, which is central to the massage back and waist and joints. Massage Girls using hands, arms, feet and body weight rolling, stretch all skin of the body, to stimulate the muscles and connective tissue. Feel pain during the process of massage, especially for the first time experience, may can't stand the big moves in the Thai massage. It is responsible for the massage therapist will communicate with experience who massage strength, and remind the thoroughly relax the body

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Jolin Dubai Massage

2, Traditional Japanese style massage

Japanese massage was originated in China and in the power communication by Chinese traders bring forward to. This statement has not been clear confirmed, but even the Japanese medical experts also acknowledged that Japanese massage and Chinese massage strikingly similar. However, massage therapist knelt on experience is back with your knees still has a lot of Japanese style massage and otherwise.

Massage 60 to 90 minutes

The main efficacy The pain

When you have a headache, backache pain, menstrual pain, choose Japanese massage is very appropriate, can inhibit directly by muscle stretch reflex spasm, relieve pain symptoms. Other functions to improve color of skin, relieve muscle fatigue, enhance human immunity, prevent vascular aging

Massage details

To avoid scratch the skin, massage therapists often to put on some experience before massage oil. Massage with finger point to an abdomen, palms or knee operation, supported by them, to use the body weight rather than wrist vertical downward pressure or friction, do not use the swing class action. Massage therapists in the process of uniform will slowly increase strength, not competitive strength quickly.

3, Traditional European style massage

European style massage originated from ancient Greece and Rome, known as the "noble sport", the civilian population is forbidden to enjoy this way of health care. After the industrial revolution, this kind of massage method started becoming popular in European countries.

Massage details

European gently massage technique, to push and press, touch, tie-in use a variety of aromatic oil, line up the muscle fiber to the direction, blood vessels, lymphatic go line direction line direction to carry on the massage, give a person relaxed, natural and comfortable feeling.

Massage time of 70 ~ 90 minutes

Main efficacy improve muscle nutrition metabolism

European style massage can make muscle fiber passive activity, promote the metabolism, relax muscle nutrition was pull muscles, at the same time to increase muscle endurance. A lot of players before the game with this kind of massage method reduces muscle tension, relieve muscle soreness after the game. Other functions to improve myocardial oxygen supply, promote lymph circulation, prevent osteoporosis, improve constipation.

4, Traditional Chinese massage:

Historic Chinese style massage, health care, medicine as the main purpose, is an important part of traditional Chinese medicine. Legend, the warring states period of imperial doctor's inventor, after thousands of years of medical research, this kind of massage method has more perfect now.

Massage 60 to 90 minutes

The main efficacy help chronic disease rehabilitation

Chinese massage is different from person to person, treats dialectical, through stimulation of specific meridians, balance of your body, adjust blood circle, help chronic disease rehabilitation. Other effects enhance immunity, regulate mood, thin body

Massage details

Chinese style massage technique is various, including press, kneading, vibration, etc., in addition to using the stomach, is commonly used to parts such as knuckles, hand, elbow. Massage back, limbs, massage therapists often force is larger. Massage head, abdomen acupuncture points is not too hard. Abdominal acupuncture point massage, the massage therapist will require experience with breathing.

To be continued

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