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The massage method is the core of your health

In Dubai, not only massage center can be seen everywhere, but also the out call massage service can be found in Google. On the other hand, when you are usually at home, you can do self-massage or mutual massage between family members. The popularity of health knowledge has made people pay more and more attention to the health of their families and themselves. Among them, in Dubai massage has been a method of promoting health, and massage in general is relatively popular, the method is simple and practical, and the cost is small.

Even without training, the same operation is very popular. So what are the main points of massage and what are the things to pay attention to? And is it all kinds of massage get the same effects, such as Japanese essential oil massage, body to body massage and neck back massage in Dubai?

Amy is from Thai, she is our best masseuse, specially good at full body massage in Dubai. Every time you want have a relax, let Amy give you a massage full service. I believe that your body will feel reborn again.

Dubai Massage

Massage is a characteristic therapy of traditional Japanese medicine, which has been inherited since ancient times. Massage is an external treatment method of Chinese medicine, which can clear the meridians, blood circulation, and regulate the internal organs.

There is not only one type of massage, but it can be divided into medical massage and health massage. Medical massage means a massage method for the purpose of treating diseases. The massage method requires more professional. In terms of health massage, it is used to maintain health, enhance physical fitness, improve immunity, and prolong life. This massage method is more convenient. You can massage by yourself or between family members.

Essentials of Self-Massage Techniques

1. The intensity of the massage should be moderate

When you massage, you should feel sore and feel comfortable and bearable, rather than think that the pain is effective. Excessive tapping or pressing on the sore part may have the opposite effect. When massaging sensitive areas such as the chest, neck, and face, a gradual and stimulating compression technique can effectively promote blood circulation.

2. Warm hands before massaging

If your hands are cold to massage, your body will become tense, and there is no way to convey the effect of the massage. Therefore, before massaging, warm your hands until you feel warm when you place your palms on your face. Warm hands can transfer blood to acupuncture points to enhance the massage effect.

3.Apply some lubricant properly during massage

To avoid irritation to the skin during massage. You can choose to use some lubricants, such as massage cream, vaseline oil, essential oils, etc., apply to the skin, and then massage. If the oiliness of the massage is not enough, it will pull the skin, which will cause some small fine lines to form. If it is too greasy, it can clog pores.

Therefore, when choosing a lubricant, choose some products that are refreshing and easy to develop and have a variety of nourishing ingredients.

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