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The effect of essential oil massage in Dubai

Because oil is small molecular weight material, can easily penetrate into deep skin, so oil massage can have very good maintenance and maintenance of the body skin effect. Secretly tell you oil massage in Dubai specific effect has the following points:

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Body to body Massage in Dubai

1, The weight loss Weight loss is one of the main effect of essential oil massage, we can use massage, stimulate some important points, after this essential oil massage can infiltrate into skin into lymphatic tissue, and can eliminate accumulation of toxins in the body, so to speed up the human body fat decomposition, effectively make the skin more compact. Regular oil massage, has the very good effect to reducing weight. 2, To Keep beauty Essential oil to massage facial ministry skin is proposed, which can effectively promote the facial skin blood microcirculation, promote the elasticity of skin, let skin cell regeneration. At the same time, the oil massage can help human body skin adjust grease secretion of skin, keep skin's ph balance, let oil and dirt on the skin no longer accumulation, dredge pores, lest appear congestion. Can also act as a convergence effect of pores and cleanse skin, effectively postpone skin aging. If use essential oil to massage the scalp, improve hair quality, resource scalp cells has a good effect. 3, To Release stress Now people work life rhythm soon, a lot of people are facing a lot of pressure, so the release of pressure sometimes is more important than health and beauty. Relax, can make your work more easy. In this era of high rhythm, there is nothing easy movement, is more important to relax and pay attention to a healthy diet. Using essential oils to the whole body massage, can let the fragrance of essential oils to the person's mood and latent vision shift and the effect of essential oil fragrance will affect the lobes of the human body system, here is the centre of the human consciousness and emotional organs. Through the stimulation of oil, the human brain can produce the feeling of relaxed and happy, fragrance is good to help people release emotions, to alleviate pressure has very good effect. 4, Promote the metabolism of human body Use of essential oils for the whole body massage, can through the circulation of the blood and lymph circulation quickly ruled out carbon dioxide, and all kinds of waste toxins within the human body, to speed up the speed of blood circulation, make all kinds of healthy nutrition good is absorbed by the body, so the oil massage has good effect to promote metabolism. 5, Cheer up A person's intensity of work pressure is too large or too big, will lead to our muscles more nervous, appear even the problem such as neurasthenia, a lot of office worker will appear similar problem.

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