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The benefits of oil massage and function

Essential oil massage to deduce and come from the ancient traditional detoxify skin hairdressing method combined with fragrant essential oils. Through massage, with beautiful body aromatic essential oil, can comfortable channels, flowing blood, promote blood circulation, and calm mood, alleviate pressure, eliminate fatigue, help sleep, tighten skin, restore elasticity. Plus specially processed buckwheat, attached to the corresponding parts so as to achieve dehumidification cold, improve sleep.

Oil massage and aromatherapy, one of them, if can combine lymph path to massage body, not only can help the body detoxify, and can stimulate the blood and lymph circulation, enhance the immune system, relieve tension, pressure and muscle soreness has very good effect. The body needs to rely on motion to maintain cell activity and increase the liquidity of the blood, thus achieve metabolism, promote the health of the body function, the skin also is same, but the skin itself unable to exercise, of course is to through the way of passive also is massage.

Among Our Best Massage Girls in Dubai, Nanako ( From Japan) can make the best Oil Massage for you.

Full Body Massage in Dubai

Massage is the purpose of through the skin friction and vibration, to improve blood and lymph circulation, prevent skin tissue in the dermis and the combination of fiber atrophy caused by the ageing of the skin, thus enhancing the elasticity of the skin to make skin healthy and bright. Apply can borrow by the Vatican live essential oil massage to his hands along the the direction of the lymph circulation in various parts of the massage, can improve the lymphatic system ability to detoxify, metabolic old waste and toxins in the body to enhance the effect of the immune system.

Massage is on line in the back of grid, its whole body of a dredge, and on the back it has a corresponding points. Through our of the full body massage, can not only cure the disease of the back, also can treat disease of the corresponding viscera.

The benefits of massage

1. Lavender: effectively relieve skin allergies, the phenomenon such as sunburn, and can help to heal the scar and relax spirit, brings a sense of quiet, suitable for all kinds of skin.

2. Rose: moisturizing effect, also can calm, soothing nerves, reputation after flowering plant essential oil, suitable for dry and sensitive skin.

3. The sandalwood: to protect wet moist skin, relax, dry skin.

4. Chamomile: has the repair action, to settle the skin also has a great effect, can bring calm and relaxed, dry skin.

5. Bergamot: helps to boost the spirit, recovery of body energy, suitable for flaws and oily skin.

6. Rosemary: can clean skin, anti-inflammatory sterilization, and promote blood circulation, can also help to concentrate, suitable for oily skin.

7. Tea tree has antibacterial effect, convergence, the fragrance of fresh can boost the spirit, relieve fatigue and relieve muscle pressure, suitable for oily skin.

8. Mint: cool, calm skin, refreshing, also can effectively improve dandruff, oil, etc, suitable for oily skin, not suitable for sensitive skin.

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