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The benefits of massage foot bath

Foot massage is a popular method to relax the people in high stress and busy work. There are many benefits can be used in your daily life.

Yuki ( From Japan) can make the Body to Body Massage for you, from our Best Massage Girls in Dubai.

Dubai Body to Body Massage

1, increase the number of blood vessels, especially the collateral of capillaries increase can promote blood circulation. 2, can soften blood vessels, increase the elasticity of blood vessel, reducing the risk due to pressure from damage. Can make a lot of muscles of the body, especially the thigh muscle can do continuous contraction and relaxation, prompted a large number of blood vessels in the muscles also follow continuous contraction and relaxation, which in turn increase the movement efficiency of muscles and blood circulation, strengthen the oxygen absorption, transport and effective use. 3, can strengthen the efficiency of the heart, to lower the frequency of the heart beating and pumping more blood, so as to cope with the sudden emergencies. 4, can increase the strength and endurance, relieve tension and pressure, make you meet various challenges under the pressure of infection diseases. 5, can reduce blood clotting, and maintain blood flow is smooth, not to flow and myocardial vascular obstruction, is conducive to the prevention of myocardial infarction. Some foot massage tips 1, The massage need to prepare a towel or bath towel a, petrolatum a small bottle, a massage stick. Massage should cut short nails before, in order to avoid scratch in patients with the skin.Should be in the selected place daub a few vaseline oil massage, to lubricate the skin, prevent the scratch. 2, with each end of the massage makes people feel thirsty, to achieve after the massage to let patients drink warm boiled water about 500 ml to detoxify. 3, some may occur after massage therapy in patients with fever, chills, fatigue, diarrhea and other systemic symptoms, or make the original symptoms worse, this is a normal reaction after massage, can continue to adhere to treatment, a few days after symptoms disappear naturally. 4, massage patients should wash feet with hot water first, then the whole body relax, emotional stability to lie on your back on the bed, double leg unbend.

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