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The benefits of facial massage

For facial massage, can help to speed up blood circulation, but also a lot of people believe that insist on facial massage can help thin face.

Ayumi ( From Japan) can make the facial massage for you, from our Best Massage Girls in Dubai.

Ayumi Dubai Massage Full Service

Clean skin facial massage can help to accelerate the blood circulation of skin, let blood bringing more nutrients to cells, and speed up the cells of carbon dioxide and other waste out of the body better, make the skin keep inner clean. Tighten the skin Facial massage can help awaken skin and fat cells to feed subcutaneous tissue, facial massage also can help improve the muscle fibers, help them to better recover elasticity, make the skin become more firm. Ruddy skin Facial massage can help even skin sebum secretion, help maintain cell moisture, appropriate and proper water can improve the skin, make skin more moist, younger. Auxiliary thin face Facial massage can help auxiliary thin face, build a melon seeds face. Through a facial massage can consume too much of the fluid in the skin tissue, also can accelerate the metabolism of fat, help thin face. anti-aging Facial massage can help delay the aging of the skin. On the one hand, through facial massage can happy pores, keep skin tender firming, on the other hand massage can make the skin more soft, smooth, avoid the skin becomes coarse and aging. Facial massage not anytime if it is then massage chosen the wrong time to do it, can accentuate facial ministry skin problems. 1. Massage face severe acne skin to easy to spread the bacteria, aggravate acne. 2. The allergic skin facial massage is easy to aggravate allergies, affect the allergic skin restore. 3. The red skin on the face massage can aggravate the broken capillaries. 4. Or other reasons cause sunburn can accentuate the corneous layer damaged facial massage skin sensitive situation. More Massage Girls in Dubai Massage in Dubai | Dubai Massage | Swedish Massage | Four Hands Massage | Body to Body Massage | Full Body Massage | Best Massage |

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