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The Benefits and Disadvantages of Dubai Daily Face Massage

The face is a person's facade, so everyone loves it. Women, especially in Dubai, value their faces so much. So they always try to make it beautiful. In addition to makeup and cosmetic methods, body massage or face massage is also considered a good way to be a cosmetic.

Ayumi is from Japan, she is good at face massage in Dubai.

Dubai Home Massage

First, the benefits of massage the face

Everyone knows that massaging the body can help relax, speed up blood circulation and many other benefits, so massage the face is also a truth. Massage the face with the right method to relax the facial muscles and speed up the metabolism of the cells, thus achieving the effect of firming the skin and even face-lifting. It is so useful in Dubai for the high temperature and the strong sunshine.

When a woman reaches middle age, she will worry about her skin's loose or long wrinkles, so middle-aged women tend to prefer to massage their faces. If you have the conditions, go to a special beauty salon and massage yourself at home without any conditions.

Second, the daily disadvantages of the face massage

Although, in Dubai, massage the face is a must-do for many women every day, there are still many people who press on the face and do not have the correct method. This is very terrible, just like taking medicine, not only does it not work, but it has side effects.

If you use the wrong massage technique, it will probably make your skin more slack, and you will regret it later. There is also a massage if the hands are not cleaned, it is easy to bring bacteria to the face to cause infection.

3. People who are not suitable for facial massage

People with severe acne or acne on their faces.

The wound on the face touches the hand, it is easy to re-infect and inflame, so this type of person does not recommend facial massage, and the action of touching the face with hands does not have to be done.

People with sensitive skin.

Skin allergies usually come quickly and quickly, but if you massage with your hands, it will aggravate allergies and recovery will be slow.

People with thin horny layers.

Daily massage will speed up the peeling of the stratum corneum, so if your own cuticle is thinner, it is recommended not to massage your face often, just let it go.

Having said that, it is more important to master the correct facial massage method. You can go to the beauty salon to find a massage method that suits you, and then set your own massage schedule according to your skin condition.

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