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The 4 benefits of facial oil massage

In Dubai, due to the hot weather, the temperature during the day is particularly high. The strong sunshine will make your face's skin in poor condition. At the same time, the office ladies working indoors, air conditioning is blown for 8 hours a day, and the cold air of the AC will dry your facial skin. Therefore, daily skin care is very important. In addition to daily care, facial oil massage has the same effect.

What are the benefits of facial oil massage? Now more and more women use essential oils to massage the face. So what are the benefits of facial oil massage? Do you understand it? So let me introduce you to the face oil massage benefit.

In the previous article, I have already introduced you how to choose essential oil, which will be the basis of a successful facial oil massage. After selecting the essential oil that is right for your skin, we will get different effects through its action.

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Shrink pores

Using essential oils in the face massage can help the skin shrink pores. Because lemongrass essential oil, geranium essential oil and cypress essential oil are used after facial massage, they all have the effect of shrinking pores. Lemongrass essential oil has the effect of reducing abnormal secretion of skin oil and removing acne. Geranium essential oil has a revitalizing effect and can promote skin metabolism. Cypress essential oil can effectively astringe the blood vessels on the surface of the skin, effectively helping the skin to control oil and moisture. Therefore, the use of the above three essential oils in the facial massage has the effect of shrinking pores.


The use of essential oils in the face massage can effectively improve the dullness of the skin, whiten the skin, and at the same time effectively dilute the pigmentation. Because lemon essential oil and neroli essential oil has a whitening effect, lemon essential oil contains a large amount of vitamin C. Neroli essential oil can increase cell activity, stimulate skin epidermal cell regeneration, help skin to restore elasticity, effectively whiten skin, sensitive skin and mature skin can be used. Therefore, using lemon essential oil and neroli essential oil on the face massage can effectively help the skin whitening and freckle, making the skin white and translucent.


Using essential oils for face massage can help your skin moisturize and hydrate. Because rose essential oil, sandalwood oil and apple essential oil can effectively lock the skin's original moisture, help the skin to replenish moisture, and keep the skin moisturized for a long time. So use rose essential oil, sandalwood oil and apple oil with facial massage to help moisturize the skin.

Oil control acne

The use of essential oils in the face massage can also control oil acne, because tea tree oil, frankincense essential oil and green tea essential oil have the effect of controlling oil acne, tea tree oil has a strong bactericidal effect, has a very good effect on acne. The frankincense oil has very good astringency, which can balance the oily skin and effectively inhibit acne and pimples. Green tea essential oil has an anti-inflammatory effect and is particularly effective for acne.

Therefore, using essential oils such as tea tree, frankincense and green tea, combined with facial massage, can effectively maintain the skin's water and oil balance and inhibit the growth of acne.

Tips for facial oil massage

1. Pregnant women and lactating women do not recommend the use of essential oils, because most of the essential oils contain pregnant women with caution, so pregnant women and lactating women do not recommend the use of essential oils.

2. Whitening essential oil is recommended for use at night, because whitening essential oils generally have photosensitivity, so it is recommended to use whitening essential oils at night. After use, don't play mobile phones and watch computers, go straight to sleep, so as not to cause counterproductive effects.

3. Facial oil massage is not recommended every day, usually 1-2 times a week.

If you want to know more about it, or get more tips or notes, just contact us for any questions you may have.

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