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Several Tips of Head massage in Dubai

In Dubai, massage has been more and more popular in the view of Local and Foreign people. Contraindications as a form of physical therapy, body and head massage, though safe, non-toxic effects. But it also has certain contraindications, if use undeserved, may cause adverse consequences.

1, The people with constitution extremely weak, has serious heart disease, liver cirrhosis, brain lesions and cancer cachexia.

2, The people with serious skin damage and skin disease patients, such as skin scald, frostbite, ringworm, abscess, eczema, etc.

3, The people with such as leukemia, sepsis patients with blood diseases.

4, The people with tuberculosis, cancer and pathological changes of fracture patients.

5, Pregnant woman's abdomen, waist, lumbosacral region and shoulder.

6, The people with hunger and satiety, patients after strenuous exercise.

7, Patients, dottiness or confusion.

8, Other suspicious symptoms, diagnosis is not clear.

9, As long as you will need a massage, neck, shoulder above, such as don't overall massage, lest cause colds and other symptoms.

10, The massage should relax, don't be nervous, relax massage the effect will be better.

11, The nails of the massage should not too long, so as to avoid damage when head massage the skin by massage, it cut, massage in the winter time, attention should be paid to massage should wear gloves to keep warm, don't use the cold charge to massage, the effect will be counterproductive.

12, Head massage, massage of find more accurate, with the strength of will, has both soft evenly and endurance. For pediatric massage technique should be more gentle temper, should not be too hard. Observe the patient expression, to patients will not feel the pain.

Conclusion: the above is the some related knowledge about the head massage, everyone should have a certain understanding. The head massage is the most effective way to relieve headaches, try not to take painkillers, such not only have side effects, and take temporary solution not effect a permanent cure, hope the above content to be of help.

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