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Relieve fatigue By a Home massage in Dubai

When the body is fatigued, if you want to relieve fatigue, you may wish to use massage to help yourself relieve fatigue. After exercise, or doing any hard work, the muscles are sore, and the body will feel very tired, especially for people who don't exercise much in normal times, they are more likely to feel tired. If the whole body feels very uncomfortable, how can I relieve this fatigue? Self-massage can effectively relieve fatigue. You can just enjoy the effect of Dubai Massage at Home.

Nanako is from Japan, she is good at the Body to Body Massage in Dubai.

Massage in Dubai Body to Body
Dubai Massage Full Service - Nanako

This method of massage is very popular in Dubai. I usually feel comfortable when I massage it at home for a while. In life, some beauty and health centers basically have massage in the project. Massage can not only relieve the body and mind, but also relieve fatigue, promote blood circulation and relieve muscle soreness.

Dubai Full Body Massage can not only relieve fatigue, but also help us increase muscle strength and elasticity, so it can help exercise people to prevent trauma. Therefore, if you master the massage method, it can play a very good role. So how do you massage? Let's introduce these types.

1, Massage with fingers

Your thumbs apart, and the other four fingers together, place them on the area that needs to be massaged, and then push forward slowly and rhythmically, from light to heavy. This massage method is mainly used for the waist, back, abdomen and limbs. This method is also used for the beginning of the massage and the end of the massage.

2, Palm massage

The palm massage method is not common, especially on the arms, legs, and back. This massage method is often used. The thumb and the other limbs form a V shape, then pinch the muscles to gently lift up, and then rotate forward. The fingers and palms need to be pressed hard and gently squeezed, so that the person being massaged will not feel very painful feel. This technique is mainly used for limbs and buttocks muscles.

3, Massage by the bottom of the palm

Place the palm of your hand near your wrist, press it on the area to be massaged, stop for 5 seconds after one massage, and then massage again. Don't use too much force, be gentle, don't use too much force. This pressing massage method is more suitable for waist, back, tonic, ankle and wrist joints. It is also helpful for the cervical spondylosis by massage.

If it is after strenuous exercise, wait 2 to 3 hours before you can massage yourself or each other. Massage can be carried out according to the sports items and the positions where the body parts load the most during the exercises. The massage time for each part is about ten minutes in 2-3 days. The method of self-massage is relatively simple and not difficult.

Therefore, when you need to relax and relieve fatigue, you might as well try to massage yourself, or massage your family, the effect is also very good. But when massaging, pay attention to the taboos mentioned above to avoid some accidental injuries.

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