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Dubai Massage Technique for Your Neck

In Dubai, the busy modern people have more or less neck discomfort problems, such as stiff neck movement, restricted neck movement and other problems are more common. In fact, if the neck is uncomfortable, it is easy to cause cervical spondylosis if it is not adjusted in time. For the Dubai girls who do not have time for targeted conditioning, choosing a fast and efficient method can help relieve the neck. You’d better try a Dubai Massage at home!

Nanako is from Japan, she is good at the Body to Body Massage in Dubai.

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So how do you massage the neck? Neck skin care is the same as facial skin care. If you don’t apply care products hastily, even if you have a bad relationship, you have to massage it with your warm hands carefully and patiently, and take care of your skin. It can be felt, and it will return you in a silky, bright and youthful posture. Not only the neck massage, but also the full body massage in Dubai, you have to pay more attention about it.

Many people know that neck stiffness is caused by keeping the same posture for too long. In fact, patients can choose to use massage for conditioning. You can improve your neck discomfort with a few massage techniques at home. If you have the conditions, you can also choose to go to a beauty salon for body massage. Next, I will introduce several neck massage techniques, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

The massage technique for neck skin care is generally a gentle upward push, starting from the center of the clavicle on the chest, extending upward to both sides of the mandible, presenting a V-shaped route. Applying skin care products from bottom to top every morning and night is the best time to massage. The use of skin care products that have not been fully absorbed will not only help skin care products better absorb, but also reduce dryness and drag on the skin. You can also try the beauty Japanese massage in Dubai for your skin.

The massage technique for neck skin care. The above-mentioned V-shaped downward-up massage technique focuses on lifting and tightening the neck skin. In addition, don’t forget that the neck is also a part of the body with more lymphatic distribution. Massage the neck can quickly lift the neck. The blood circulation and lymphatic metabolism of the face and face are a good choice to relieve fatigue and tightness and promote the absorption of maintenance ingredients. The specific massage technique is to gently press down from behind the ears along the side of the neck to the depression on the inner side of the clavicle, Promote lymphatic circulation and detoxification.

The focus of neck skin care is to enhance the moisture and elasticity of the neck skin, because the neck skin is inherently lacking in a large amount of oil to moisturize and protect, and it is easy to cause fine lines and wrinkles in advance due to excessive cleaning and improper rubbing. Neck skin and facial skin have roughly the same skin texture, and are generally drier than facial skin. Therefore, dry skin should choose cream products with high moisturizing degree for neck skin, and oily skin can choose refreshing moisturizing lotion.

For patients who often maintain the same posture for too long, it is recommended to insist on neck massage. If possible, they can go to the massage center for a body to body massage in Dubai, which is very helpful for preventing cervical spondylosis. In addition, it should be noted that there are very important cervical spine joints in the neck position. Pay attention to control the intensity during the massage to avoid hurting the cervical spine by pressing and rubbing vigorously.

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