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The most popular beauty Japanese massage in Dubai

Some people in Dubai believe that massage does not have obvious effects, so I can only say that you really don’t know beauty enough. If you love beauty, it’s nothing to spend a little time. Remember, physical methods is the safest, but the effect takes time to prove. If I say it is effective, will you continue to watch it and learn it now?

The most popular beauty Japanese massage in Dubai is really amazing. Japanese women’s pursuit of beauty is so mesmerizing. If you tell her that a method can beautify and is very effective, they are willing to try it even if you put any cosmetics on your face. In fact, many massage methods in Dubai are the same. Are all borrowed from Japanese massage methods, so among the various weird beauty methods, massage is the safest and most reliable.

Miya is from Malaysia, she is our best masseuse for Body to body Massage in Dubai.

Dubai Massage Body to body
Miya - Sexy baby of Dubai Body Massage

Japanese full body massage Dubai is the most beneficial for the human body, thereby stimulating skin nerves, improving skin tone, relieving muscle fatigue, and has the effects of cellulite and slimming, detoxification and beauty. teaches you to create a refreshing and elegant Japanese style environment, creating a comfortable atmosphere, allowing you to enjoy the relaxation and relaxation of Japanese massage.

Japanese-style massage routines are based on the traditional Japanese "Shiatsu therapy". It features the "Shiatsu method" by pressing the core area of the human body. To achieve the purpose of adjusting the balance of the human body. On the other hand, it is really helpful to slow down sagging breasts.

Law lines elimination massage in Dubai

SETP1: Place the middle and ring finger pads on the center of the chin and continue to apply pressure.

STEP 2: Go around the sides of the mouth, reach the sides of the nose, and massage back and forth.

STEP 3: Keep your hands in the state of steps 1 and 2, place them on your nose and continue to exert force.

STEP 4: Push your fingers up to the inner corner of the eye, and press firmly with both fingers for 3 seconds.

STEP 5: Support your face with your right hand and place 4 fingers (except thumb) on the left side of your chin.

STEP 6: Push all the muscles of the cheek towards the inner corner of the eye, and press under the corner of the eye for 3 seconds. Then reduce the strength, slide horizontally outward, and repeat in reverse.

Lymphatic drainage massage in Dubai

STEP 1: Put your hands on the junction of your cheeks and ears, and then massage from top to bottom according to the line of your jaw.

STEP 2: Follow the gestures in the previous step and continue to both sides of the neck, pressing firmly.

STEP 3: Massage with both hands to the position of the collarbone and stop, press three times on the spot, be sure to press hard, so that you can press to the area where lymphotoxin is discharged.

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