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Precautions for waist massage in Dubai

In Dubai, as we know, for the people who wear uniforms for a long time, due to the duration, the ability of lumbar tendons and ligaments to rupture is weakened, and excessive lactic acid can accumulate locally, which inhibits the normal metabolism of the lumbar muscles, and can also cause lumbar muscle strain and cause back pain. As well as abnormal standing, sitting, tight waistband, etc., can cause back pain. Back pain caused by lumbar muscle strain can be relieved by a full body massage in Dubai.

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Many people in Dubai like to do a massage to relieve the pain when they have back pain. However, the Dubai massage is not suitable for every patient with waist and leg pain. Back pain is a very common symptom. Maintaining a posture for too long, overwork, or illness may cause back pain. According to experts, back pain is caused by overwork, but mainly because the patient suffers from some diseases.

For patients with low back pain, there are some diseases that are suitable for massage, some mild lumbar disc herniation, spinal stenosis, and some osteoarthritis.

However, patients with severe spinal stenosis, severe disc herniation, severe osteoarthritis, and osteoporosis should use massage techniques with caution. massage.

Experts remind everyone that you must first determine your condition before getting a body to body massage in Dubai. To get a distance massage from a medical institution. During massage, you can choose to relax some muscles and try not to do some particularly violent techniques. Patients with serious illnesses should reduce the chance of massage as much as possible, otherwise it may make the illness more serious.

Pay attention to the cold and warmth. Girls wear skirts in winter, and boys wash their feet with cold water, especially for the office ladies. Taking a bath can easily cause back pain. Daily life must be regular and proper physical exercise. If you have been engaged in long-term sitting, standing for a long time or often bending over, then you need to do some confrontational exercises, such as going out for a walk after sitting for a long time, and sitting for a while after standing for a long time.


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