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Office Ladies Can Keep Healthy By Massage In Dubai

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

In Dubai, as we know, office ladies are mostly sedentary at work. They do not exercise during working hours, and do not exercise when they come home from get off work. Over time, they become sub-healthy people. Office ladies must pay more attention to health care if they want to keep their bodies healthy.

They must maintain more than 40% of their time every day. Office ladies should pay attention to maintaining a good mood, a reasonable diet, appropriate exercise, and massage themselves. Among them, the full body massage in Dubai is such a good method for the ladies. Let’s take a look!

Helen comes from Japan, she is the best masseuse of body to body Massage in Dubai.

Dubai Body to Body Massage
Dubai Massage Most Sexy Girl - Helen

Office ladies should massage these four parts

1. Massage the abdomen

Press your right palm against your abdomen, start from the right lower abdomen, and massage clockwise around your belly button. The rhythm is slow and slow. At the moment of one breath, let your hands go around in a circle for 3 minutes and concentrate.

2. Massage the head

Before going to bed every night, after a body to body massage in Dubai, then massage both ears with both hands, then rub the forehead and the entire hair roots from the back of the neck to the eye sockets, and finally massage the face with both hands. Pay attention to the massage force to be even, generally from the first item to the surrounding, from the front to the back, from the middle to the double as the principle, each rubbing does not exceed 10 minutes. This massage method can improve blood circulation in the brain and help sleep.

3. Massage the skull

Rub the skull with both hands while stepping on it.

4. Massage limbs

First rub the right hand with the left hand, from the shoulder to the elbow, wrist and fingertips, and then follow the thigh to the knee, fracture, sole of the foot and toenail. Repeat this massage for more than 20 times. The massage can be a little heavier, but it should not cause pain. Method, change the right hand to massage the knee limbs.

Four good habits for office ladies to keep healthy

1. At least two meals a day should be properly matched

"At least two meals a day should be properly matched." The diet and health method should be light, and eat more leafy vegetables, especially vegetables with cooling effects such as celery, and basil. Supplement essential vitamins. If the manifestation of internal heat, you can eat some food that clears the heat. In addition, eat more calcium-containing foods and fresh vegetables and fruits. The diet should be modest, not overeating, and it is advisable to have a light diet.

It is a good habit to drink light green tea or scented tea. It also has the effect of relieving depression and preventing cancer; regular consumption of some nut foods, such as pine nuts and cashews, also has better effects.

2. Need to move 30% of the day

Office ladies live in high-rise buildings for a long time, often indoor air circulation is poor, indoor temperature is high, relatively dry, easy to cause the sun and heat. Doing more outdoor activities will help to improve the multi-faceted functions of modern urbanites based on brain power, stabilize or improve the "internal environment"; at the same time, control weight, consume energy, and reduce the occurrence of obesity, the culprit of many modern diseases.

"Need to be active 30% of the time" every day, hyperactivity improves physical fitness, the conversion from brain power to physical power, relieves stress, and replaces the fatigue of the body; it can also keep warm and prevent the source of disease. Obviously fitness can avoid cold, effectively prevent respiratory diseases, high blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases, cervical spondylosis, chronic gastritis, intestinal dysfunction, etc. can also be effectively improved.

3. Keep in a good mood more than 40% of the time every day

There are many reasons for "poor mood" among office ladies. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that this is the so-called unsatisfactory mood, stagnant liver qi, and turning into fire from depression. Long gowns directly lead to physical decline. The massage is also very good for creating a pair of beautiful legs.

Therefore, you must learn to adjust your mentality and emotions, relieve your worries and unhappiness in time, and learn to be optimistic. Pay attention to psychological adjustment, treat all kinds of things and contradictions correctly, cultivate a variety of interests, and make yourself have a healthy and good mood.

4. Only 10% of office ladies may need medication

Office ladies’ life pressure and labor intensity are very high, mental stress and mental overdraft, and at the same time a lot of entertainment, excessive drinking and smoking habits, long-term lack of sleep and rest, resulting in substantial changes in the body’s physiological and physiological functions, and a decline in disease resistance. So that the body is in a sub-healthy state, so you can take ointment for a comprehensive and overall conditioning. And we believe that a massage in Dubai will give you a good condition of heath.

However, “only 10% of ladies in the office may need medicine and supplements.” When it is cold, they should master their physical characteristics and correctly substitute ginseng, cordyceps, bird’s nest and other advanced nutrients. Under the guidance of the doctor, do not blindly use it for a long time. You can also go to the hospital to prescribe an ointment formula and take it to obtain the effect of nourishing essence and benefiting the coming year.


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