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Create a Pair of Beautiful Legs by Exercise and Massage in Dubai

On the streets of Dubai or on TV, you can often see beautiful legs that are extremely enviable. However, girls with thick legs must be nervous and worried. Many people dream of not knowing how to develop a pair of beautiful legs. Having a pair of sexy legs is the dream of every lady who loves beauty. Then, let's learn how to use a full body massage in Dubai and exercise to create a pair of sexy legs.

Yuki is from Japan, she is good at body to body massage in Dubai.

Body to body massage in Dubai
Yuki, sexy girl of Dubai massage full service

Beauty Tips 1. Legs Massage in Dubai

If it is difficult to exercise for you, you can also use massage to relieve the thick muscles of the legs.

First step

Step 1. Make a fist lightly with both hands, step on the calf with your fist for 3 to 4 seconds to relax the leg muscles.

Step 2. Massage the calf to the ankle with both hands to relieve muscle tension.

Second step

step 1. After relaxing your legs, sit up straight and lift your legs up slightly.

Step 2. Massage the thighs to the abdomen to relieve muscle tension and promote blood circulation.

Beauty Tips 2. Contraction Exercise

Relax the muscles through gradual exercise and relieve the fatigue of the leg muscles. Doing gradual exercise helps to create a firm thigh curve. If you insist on doing exercise, you can create beautiful legs like a women's team. But you can also try the full body massage in Dubai to avoid the muscle soreness.

First step

Step 1. Straighten your legs, sit up straight, and fit your heels.

Step 2. While breathing, slowly bend your upper body forward and stretch your hands forward.

Step 3. Keep the movement for one minute, take a deep breath, and slowly put your hands up. Do the movements 4 to 6 times repeatedly, the effect will be better.

Second step

Step 1. Lie down and press up your legs to improve and eliminate leg swelling.

Step2. Raise the blood pressure above the heart, clasp your fingers tightly, and hold for 1 to 2 minutes to relieve the leg muscles. Secondly, repeat pedaling exercises with both legs.

In addition, lift your legs up against a wooden board before going to bed for 10 to 15 minutes, which can effectively eliminate leg swelling. This is the best effect of Dubai massage.


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