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Avoid Muscle Soreness After Exercise By A Full Body Massage In Dubai

Now, people in Dubai would like to take much more exercise than before. Muscle soreness usually occurs after the initial exercise or overwork. After intense sports training or competition, the athlete's nerves, body fluids, circulation, breathing, digestion, metabolism, and acid-base balance will undergo tremendous changes. These changes temporarily disrupt the body's environmental balance.

But it quickly reached a new balance, and this new balance usually marked the improvement of the body's working ability. So in order not to affect our actions the next day, what better way can help us improve muscle soreness after exercise? Here is how to do a full body massage in Dubai to avoid muscle soreness after exercise for your reference.

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As we know, in the process of reaching the balance between the various functional systems of the internal environment, there are sometimes sluggish links. The general manifestations include: mental hypertension, insomnia, muscle tension, fatigue, etc. Massage after exercise can promote the elimination of these phenomena, accelerate the internal environment to reach a new balance, accelerate the improvement of the ability to exercise load, and accelerate the completion of the preparation for the subsequent exercise load.

Relax after exercise

After exercise, you can lie down on a sponge mat or rattan mat and rest for a while. When lying down, the position of your feet should be slightly higher than the head or level with the head. Never lie on the ground with moisture. After a short rest, you can perform a headstand or a handstand against a wall. The time is 3-10 seconds, which can be performed once, which is beneficial to the blood circulation of the lower limbs and the heart. Then step on the limbs, step first, pat the thigh or upper arm, and then step on the calf or forearm.

Full body massage after exercise: usually once a week. After training, rest for 1-2 hours or after continuous time. It is best to do it in a warm, quiet room after a warm bath. You can lie comfortably in the direction of blood and lymphatic drainage for massage. Use Japanese Shiatsu Massage and other methods, from heavy to light. At the same time, massage according to the fatigue of each part. If the massage is about to fall asleep, the massage should be stopped and the quilt can be gently covered to prevent a cold. After waking up, you will feel full and comfortable

Exercise plan should be reasonable

For example, downhill exercise can relieve muscle soreness caused by downhill exercise. By showing that after exercise, the amount of exercise that originally appeared for muscle soreness can replace the symptoms. On the other hand, the head massage in Dubai is good for health.

Local warming and rubbing drugs

Soaking in warm water after exercise can relieve muscle soreness. Local application of oils, pastes or rubbing agents can also relieve pain.

Stretching muscles can relieve pain

This kind of muscle stretching exercise also lays the foundation for preventing strain during exercise.

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