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Head Massage In Dubai Is Good For Health

In Dubai, people are always in heavy pressure of work or family, they need a method to release it in daily life. Massage is the best way I think. As we know, there are so many kinds of massage in Dubai, such as foot massage, and full body massage in Dubai. But today, I will introduce the method of head massage, it is really good for your health. There are many nerve endings and tissues in the head. Frequent massage can stimulate the capillaries on the scalp, and the blood circulation is strong. It is also very helpful for health preservation. How to do a head massage when it is convenient.

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Basic head massage in Dubai: Regulate the skin secretion of the head to relieve fatigue

Specific operation method: palm inward and fingers open. Close your eyes gently during massage to relax your body. Massage the hair on the forehead from front to back, through the top of the head to the back hairline; then from back to front, cycle the previous movements. During the massage, use two little fingers to massage the scalp, and massage the scalp with the massage nails of the other fingers to the little finger. The movements are gentle and gentle to avoid damaging the scalp. If you keep your mood happy when massaging your head, the effect will be better.

Head massage 4 steps

1. Massage the forehead

First, use your thumb or palm to massage the skin on the eyebrows, and gently wipe both hands to the sides, and then push back to the center of the forehead at the edge of the eyebrows. Alternating hands, rhythmic massage, ten times is enough. The strength should not be too large, and don't hurt the forehead skin.

2. Massage the top of the head

Next, place the ten fingers of both hands on the top of the head, and use a little force to do about 20 massage movements from the front hairline along the top of the head to the back of the head; then press the thumbs of both hands on the forehead and up and down, and the remaining four fingers slightly apart against the top of the head. Do linear massage 10 times from top to bottom and from bottom to top; finally, use your middle finger or index finger to aim at the center of the top of the head, and massage 10 times from light to heavy.

3. Massage hair roots

After massaging the head with two hands and ten fingers for more than 10 times, grasp the roots of the hair slightly, comb the hair from front to back, and massage the entire head more than 10 times.

4. Massage the face

Use your fingers or palms to transfer friction from the eyebrows to the chin. If you want axial beauty, you should lift and massage from bottom to top. The movement should be slow and rhythmic, not fast or slow, but even and moderate. By the face massage in Dubai, it can also make your skin smooth and less wrinkles.

This kind of Dubai massage at home can help you to eliminate fatigue, improve the nutritional status of the scalp, promote metabolism, regulate skin secretion, etc., which has certain significance. Get up early every day, before lunch break and night before going to bed, each time for about 10 minutes. You can do more when you have time.

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