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Notice of Health Body Massage in Dubai

In Dubai , Massage is the best way to relax your body after daily hard work. But there are more thing that need you notice when you are enjoying a Body Massage in Dubai.

Among our Dubai Massage Girls, Miya is good at full body Massage.

Dubai Massage Full Service

Dubai Massage should be light and heavy, easy and gradual, so as to make the body surface suitable for the process. Do not use violence to avoid chafing skin. The principle is that mechanical energy can be converted into heat energy, so that the capillary dilatation of the area under massage can increase blood flow and improve the local nutritional status.

During the massage in Dubai operation, it should be able to relax the whole body muscles, breathing nature, and loose clothing, so that the whole body can be dredged, the blood flow smoothly. In the limbs, trunk, and chest massages, it is better to do it directly on the skin or through thin clothing to improve the effect.

The health massage is best in the air circulation, the temperature is suitable indoor, can do more many times each day, beneficial not harmful. Every waking hour is the best time for a health massage. When you are woken by an alarm clock, you can't help feeling sleepy. You may as well stretch yourself, do a health massage, and then feel alive and full of energy.

After a day of intense and intense work, lie in bed to do a health massage again, can eliminate fatigue, relax the muscle, relax the brain and calm the heart to enter dreamland.

So, which crowd should not be massaged?

Physical signs of stability, such as those with a long illness, too weak, or a severe cardiovascular disease or a weak old age.

Female menstruation, the waist can not press, the pregnant women with more than five months pregnant.

No serious hematological diseases, such as purpura, thrombocytopenia, and other aplastic anemia

Massage place without infection, serious skin diseases, such as the various acute infectious diseases, acute osteomyelitis, tuberculous arthritis, infectious skin disease, skin eczema, water and fire burns, skin ulcer, tumor, as well as a variety of ulcers, etc.

When fever is high, do not massage.

Dislocated and injured patients.

Acute peritonitis, acute suppurative peritonitis, acute appendicitis.

If you have the above symptoms, you should be careful when doing a massage.

Conclusion: through the above article is an introduction to the related knowledge of massage we have a certain understanding, the benefits of a massage very much, massage can help us better relieve the discomfort of the body, massage method above hope can help to you.

In a broad sense, physical fitness is a kind of beauty, and bodybuilding is based on physical health. In the narrow sense, massage to the local also has the bodybuilding effect. If the head is massaged regularly, it can strengthen the blood circulation of the scalp, improve the metabolism, and keep the hair bright and dark, so as to enhance the scalp resistance and brain memory.

The woman often massages the breast, can promote its development plump, strengthens the body curvaceous beauty, also can prevent or eliminate the proliferation of fibrous adenoma at the same time; Insist to do facial health massage, can make muscle is full of flexibility, sebum secretes smooth, the skin is soft and lubricity has burnish, complexion is ruddy, wrinkle is reduced.

Because massage make subcutaneous capillaries expansion, blood circulation, skin nutrition improvement, so as to improve the metabolism of tissue and the function of the skin to breathe, skin is pale and inelastic change color, elastic recovery.

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