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Muscle sore Massage in Dubai

In Dubai, people would like to take more sports to keep their body slim and healthy. But after the sports, some people may get the feeling of tired and the muscle would be sore. How can we relax out body? Massage is regarded as one of the ways to maintain health. It is more and more popular in people's lives. Is it also helpful for exercise with muscle soreness after a hard day? What is the technique of Dubai full body massage? Nancy is from Kobe, Japan. She is professional in body massage, and especially for the Body to body Massage in Dubai!

1. The role of muscle sore massage. Muscle soreness is caused by local accumulation of lactic acid in the body, which in turn impedes blood circulation. Massage can dredge the meridians and blood vessels, accelerate the blood circulation, and accelerate the decomposition of lactic acid. The symptoms of muscle soreness are alleviated. 2. Dubai full body massage technique. Although the muscle sore parts are different, the massage technique is the same. Just follow a rule, that is, follow the muscles, from the thick end to the thin end or from the thin end to the thick end. Yes, where the soreness is going to go to which part of the muscle group. When is muscle aches and pains? Massage is usually performed 48 hours after exercise. The time when muscle soreness begins to appear is basically between 12 hours and 24 hours after exercise. After 48 hours, the symptoms are basically stable. If you massage after exercise, it will aggravate the fatigue of the muscles, and there is no accelerated decomposition of lactic acid that has not penetrated the muscles. The effect is best when the lactic acid is basically stabilized, that is, when muscle soreness occurs, so the massage is generally performed 48 hours after the exercise.

Muscle soreness and other mitigation methods Stretching exercises. Practice: Stretching is also called static stretching practice. After 12 hours of exercise, you can stand at half a meter away from the bed. Slowly squat, until the thigh is parallel to the ground, then slowly get up, repeat 20 to 30 times, and finally stand and stretch, when stretching, stand on one leg, grab the other leg, pull up, hold for 30 seconds, Then put on another foot and concoct it according to law. Through the soothing stretching of muscles, it promotes local blood circulation and decomposes lactic acid in muscles. Hot compress. Practice: Use a hot towel to heat the muscles in the muscles, just pay attention to the hot water temperature between 60-80 degrees. Efficacy: Hot compress can promote blood circulation, speed up metabolism and relieve pain caused by muscle soreness. This method is better with stretching exercise. Muscle massage considerations 1. Use cold compress method to relieve muscle fatigue after exercise, it is also helpful to alleviate the symptoms of muscle soreness, but cold compress can not be carried out after muscle soreness appears. 2, timely add enough protein, vitamins and other conducive to the growth of muscle fiber cells, is also helpful for muscle soreness, so you can eat more beef, chicken breast, eggs, carrots and other foods. 3, after the onset of muscle soreness, do not continue to exercise, but you can do some aerobic exercise such as brisk walking, which is also helpful for the recovery of muscle soreness.

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