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Lose weight by back massage in Dubai

In Dubai, there are some many fat people searching the way of lose weight. As we know that, sport and dieting are the most common way, but most people may be lazy or greedy in our daily life. How can we lose weight at home without sweat? The Back massage in Dubai is such an good choice. Massage can lose weight of course . Massage weight loss is the most suitable way for lazy people, and this weight loss method is more effective, so the back massage weight loss should be long-term adherence, if combined with weight loss diet and exercise is more effective. Miya is from Malaysia, she is our best masseuse for Body to body Massage in Dubai.

How to lose weight in back massage 1, Essential oil massage weight loss method. After the massage of the essential oil, the important areas of the human body are stimulated, and the essential oil penetrates into the skin, which serves to clear the lymphatic tissue and remove the accumulated toxins. Thereby, the fat can be decomposed, the excess water accumulated in the body can be eliminated, and the effect of detoxifying and firming the skin can be achieved. You may wish to try an oil massage to make your skin firmer, your muscles stronger, and your body no longer obese. 2, The upper half of the back massage method. The upper half of the back massage acts on the area corresponding to the lungs of the back. The area that stimulates the lungs has the benefit of treating lung disease. Massage your own lungs for health care. 3, The lower half of the back massage method. The lower half of the back massage acts on the area corresponding to the liver and gallbladder. Stimulating the liver can help treat liver disease; stimulating the gallbladder can help treat gallbladder disease. 4, Massage the left and right shoulders. Full body massage in Dubai for the left and right shoulders can treat the head and face diseases; it also has a certain therapeutic effect on cervical spondylosis and frozen shoulder.

5. Massage the side of the back. The side massage on the back allows you to have a wide chest and relieve pain in the intercostals. When massage the neck and shoulders, the massager needs to stand up as much as possible and the shoulders are backwards. Long-term massage can treat cervical spondylosis. The principle of massage and losing weight 1. Accelerate the burning of fat by some professional masseuse, it may be to stimulate core area to achieve a certain weight loss effect, but for non-professional masseuse, this time you need to use massage cream, because the active ingredient in the massage cream is It can help our body's fat to burn and decompose. Through this principle, the body can achieve the effect of losing weight. This method may bring certain side effects to the body. ­­­ 2. Adjust the function of the organs. Obesity is mainly caused by the accumulation of pathological products caused by the imbalance of visceral dysfunction. Therefore, massage therapy can adjust the function of the viscera, make it in the normal dynamic balance, and eliminate the fat, thus playing a role in weight loss. 3. Eliminate moisture. Massage can promote the regeneration of capillaries, eliminate the moisture in fat, accelerate the "liquefaction" of fat tissue, and thus can lose weight more quickly.

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