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Learn some knowledge about Head Massage in Dubai

Modern people work under a lot of pressure and often feel exhausted. The nature of fatigue is different, and the ways to eliminate fatigue are also different. If you sleep blindly, not only will you not be able to eliminate fatigue, but it may also increase fatigue. In Dubai, many mental workers use their brains for a long time, which can easily lead to insufficient blood and oxygen supply to the brain and cause brain fatigue. This kind of fatigue is brain fatigue, which often manifests as dizziness, loss of appetite, and memory loss. At this point, the best way to eliminate fatigue is not to sleep.

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Appropriately participating in some physical activities, such as playing ball, doing aerobics, walking and other light-intensity aerobic exercise, can increase the oxygen content in the blood, so that the oxygen supply to the brain is sufficient, and fatigue will disappear naturally. Not only outdoor sports, but also a relatively relaxing massage on your head, there will be many unexpected effects. Today we will learn about relaxing Home massage in Dubai for head.

There are many benefits and effects of head massage, which can promote blood circulation in the head, improve hair quality, prevent hair loss, and promote hair growth. Head massage can improve blood circulation in the brain, increase the oxygen uptake capacity of the brain, and help improve the function of the cerebral cortex. Through a full body massage in Dubai, it can effectively stimulate the tense areas of the head, which can refresh the mind and eliminate fatigue. It can also eliminate tension, anxiety and other emotions, so that the brain can regain sufficient energy.

Head massage can loosen local tense muscles and relieve headaches. As long as the operation is done properly, head massage has basically no side effects and no harm to the body. You can try it out and you will gain something if you stick to it.

Head massage in Dubai

1. Gently rub the eyebrows with the middle finger of the right hand for 3 minutes.

2 Gently rub the temples with the middle fingers of both hands at the same time for 3 minutes.

3. Use the index fingers of both hands to gently rub the depression behind the earlobes of both ears 18 times. If a large amount of saliva is produced, the saliva can be slowly swallowed in three mouths to nourish the internal organs.

4. Gently massage the back of the head with the index fingers of both hands for 3 minutes.

Head massage has the effect of strengthening the brain and calming the nerves, and improving the eyes and ears. At the same time, massage also improves the blood circulation of the brain, increases the oxygen uptake of the brain, is beneficial to the function regulation of the cerebral cortex, improves intelligence and strengthens the brain, enhances memory, relieves fatigue, eliminates tension and scorching, and makes the brain regain sufficient energy. It is good for the energy and physical strength, head massage, but also has a good auxiliary therapeutic effect on preventing insomnia, tinnitus, deafness, dizziness, etc. And head massage can also help feminine frigidity.

In addition, you should pay attention to a balanced diet on weekdays, with thick and thin, meat and vegetables. It is recommended to consume a wide range of foods, including cereals and potatoes, animal foods, beans and their products. The brain needs a lot of protein to constantly update itself in the process of metabolism, so mental workers should ensure the intake of protein, such as fish, milk and other protein foods, to ensure energy and improve thinking ability.

The amino acids in brain tissue are mainly glutamic acid. Foods such as beans and sesame are rich in these amino acids. Usually, these foods can be supplemented according to the level of brain use. Adhere to walking 3 to 4 times a week, 30 to 45 minutes each time, or 3 to 4 outdoor activities a week. After a period of persistence, you will exercise your body well and your ability to resist fatigue will be strengthened.

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