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Japanese Shiatsu Massage can help you get a better sleep

In Dubai, there are many kinds of SPA massages. We believe that different massage methods have different combing effects on the body. Some can relieve muscle tension and soreness, some help the body and mind release pressure, and others can promote sleep. In the end, what kind of massage in Dubai is the most Suitable for you? Let us choose according to the real needs of the body!

Japanese Shiatsu Massage

Target People: stress, insomnia

Empathy: Imagine a round fairy who slowly squats over your body - this is the characteristic of Japanese Shiatsu. After assessing your preferences, the therapist will concentrate on the squeaky joints and push your joints firmly with his fingers and palms. There is a kind of squatting method (the kind of elastic and wave-like push that is often imitated by movies) designed to relax muscles and promote circulation.

Ayumi is from Japan, she is good at Japanese Shiatsu Massage in Dubai.

Dubai Japanese Massage

Target People: stress, poor circulation, and muscle stiffness

Empathy: This classic massage technique uses long-lasting and continuous compression, and caring care can lead you to a state of happiness. This is the ideal massage for those who try to massage or are itchy for the first time. If you want to be more personal, you may want to say aloud the strength you like - in general, this "one-on-one" massage is really hard to impress.

Target people: overworked muscles, nervousness

Empathy: powerful body presses, ten-finger techniques, and a keen finger touch can puncture your problem points. It includes the elements of a hot stone massage (heat relaxes the muscles and allows the technician's hands to be deeper into the tissue). This technique uses sensitive points and muscle fascia (soft tissue) therapy to completely break down the deep spots that are deep in your problem area. Includes the back and neck shoulders.

Target People: long-term muscle tension

Empathy: There will be a pile of stones on your back, of course, these are not the stones that come from the roadside. Massage stones are usually basalt stones, which become round and smooth after being washed by river water or spray. After heating to about 55 degrees Celsius in hot water, put it on your body. Some masters like to put the massage stones on the air (the seven energy centers of the human body in Sanskrit, also known as the seven rounds), and the heat can be transferred to the body.

Head massage

Target People: stress

Empathy: When you are over-stressed, you need to create a peaceful feeling throughout your body. In this case, you need someone to help you scratch your scalp. Movement around the hair follicles promotes blood circulation and is said to allow your hair to grow to a higher level. Most head massages can be paired with essential oils for total relaxation.

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