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Is Olive Oil massage Suitable for the Full Body Massage in Dubai?

In Dubai, people would like to choose a full body massage with essential oil to relax themselves after a hard working day. But, in most time, they don't get enough time to go to the massage center to enjoy it because of the mixed trouble things. So many people have a think that can we make the massage at home by the partner? The answer is of course yes, but maybe you don't have the professional essential oil on the hand.

Can olive oil be used for the full body massage? Everyone knows that olive oil has a lot of effects, so many friends are curious, can olive oil be used to massage the body? Here is the answer to everyone's doubts, so let's take a look.

Olive oil can massage the body. Because olive oil contains unsaturated fatty acid and multivitamins, it helps the skin moisturize and hydrate, deeply nourish the skin and restore skin elasticity. Therefore, using olive oil to massage the body can effectively alleviate the problem of lack of water and dryness of the skin, and can also deeply maintain the skin.

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Olive oil massage body technique


After cleansing, apply an appropriate amount of olive oil and apply evenly on the face. Then use the ring finger and middle finger to massage the chin, cheeks and forehead from the inside out. A circular massage can be performed on both sides of the nose. Until the olive oil is completely absorbed by the facial skin.


First clean the neck skin, then apply a small amount of olive oil evenly to the neck, tilt the head back, use the fingertips, gently massage from the bottom to the chin. Then massage from the middle of the neck to the sides of the clavicle, you can repeat this set of actions several times to promote the absorption of olive oil.


Pour out the right amount of olive oil in the palm of your hand, heat your hands, then gently press your palms on your abdomen and gently massage in a clockwise direction. If you are giving someone a massage, then you can do a counterclockwise massage.


Apply an appropriate amount of olive oil to the back of the person being massaged, then place your hands on the waist of the person being massaged, then gently massage the head and shoulders. The massage can be repeated several times along the side of the body and gently massaged to the pelvis. Be careful to avoid the spine when you are doing back massage.


Apply a proper amount of olive oil to the massage arm, then put the four fingers of the other hand together, gently press the forearm muscles with the strength of the fingertips, and then gently massage from the elbows to the shoulders. Then massage from the shoulder down and repeat the massage several times.


Apply a proper amount of olive oil to the legs, then gently massage from the lower leg to the thigh from bottom to top.

If you want to know more about it, or get more tips or notes, just contact us for any questions you may have.

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