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In winter, Dubai massage helps you warm body

In Dubai, as we know, winter is a good time for health. In such a cool or cold environment, many people's hands and feet begin to cold, causing the whole body to freeze and shiver. The body is the foundation, and if it freezes, things get bigger. let's think about warming the body. So how do you plan it? I think the massage is very good, may wish to try it. So, last week I introduced the benefits of body massage in winter. And today, I will tell you more about the winter massage in Dubai. These kinds of Japanese massage and Swedish massage can help you warm your body.

Miya is from Malaysia, she is our best masseuse for Body to body Massage in Dubai.

Body massage in Dubai

First, dry bath massage

1. Keep your full body in a sitting or standing position, relax your body before massaging. Otherwise, the muscles are too tight and do not produce good results.

2. After that, rub the two palms against each other until the palms become hot. Then rub your face with the palms and massage it for more than 60 times.

3. After pressing the face, use your fingers to slowly massage from the top of the head to the back of the head, and then switch to the side of the head to comb your hair. Do it more than sixty times. When you feel the scalp is hot.

4. Then rub the soles of the two feet with the palms of your hands, and rub the two feet with each other more than sixty times.

5. Finally rub the position of your chest and abdomen with your hands. After the part gets hot, the whole massage process is finished.

This massage method rubs several important parts of the body and slowly rubs the body. It is get the same effects as body to body massage in Dubai. Since it is cold in winter, it is recommended to massage with a warm light in the bathroom after taking a shower and after drying your hair, otherwise it is easy to catch a cold.

Second, rub the feet

The soles of the lame feet are covered with acupoints, which is well known. Different acupoints will have different effects after massage. The massage of the feet will help warm your feet and make you feel colder. So how do you massage?

It is recommended to quickly rub your center area (located on the soles of the feet) with the palm of your hand until it stops feeling hot. After getting up every morning and before going to bed at night, you should take some time to massage your feet, just press and rub about a hundred times. This will help promote blood circulation, promote blood flow, help transport heat to all parts of the body, and keep the body warm. In this way, the body will not be afraid of cold.

In addition, the editor reminds that after rubbing the soles of your feet, you can press your toes again. Toes are an important part of your feet. Massaging it will also help blood flow.

Third, press the waist

If the waist is not kept warm, it will be easily cold. Once your waist is cold, your body will tremble. It is recommended that you can massage the position of your waist and eyes on both sides, and pat it gently. You can pat each side more than a hundred times. The waist and abdomen cannot be cold, otherwise the kidneys, uterus and other organs will suffer.

So, you should massage your waist and abdomen more often on weekdays.

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