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In Dubai, Massage Methods for Pregnant Women

How to massage pregnant women? Massage in Dubai has the magical effect of relaxing people. For mothers, it can not only relax the mind, but also relieve all parts of the body and release tension. If you are doing massage in a massage center, you need to choose a masseur with a certificate and experience in massage for pregnant women, and choose massage oils suitable for pregnant women, because some essential oils of aromatic plants are not suitable for use during pregnancy.

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Massage in Dubai Full Service
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If you find it troublesome, you can do a Dubai massage at home at any time. The technique is very simple and the effect is very good. You can choose vegetable oils such as wheat germ oil, avocado oil or almond oil that are harmless to mothers.

Massage method for pregnant women:

Breast massage: During pregnancy, due to the enlargement of the breasts, the increase of blood vessels and the innervation of nerves, the breasts become more sensitive. Breast massage can relieve breast discomfort during pregnancy and prepare for postpartum breastfeeding. Apply the massage oil to the palm of the hand and stretch it flat, lightly support the lower edge of the breast on the same side, and begin to gently press upwards, then gently press from the cleavage to one side, alternating both sides. The movement should be gentle, and should be stopped immediately if it is found that the nipples are irritated. If you have more time, you can try the full body massage in Dubai, it will be more effective.

Head massage: It can relax tight scalp and prevent postpartum hair loss. Moisten both hands with massage oil, and then drip plenty of oil on the forehead and top of the head; place the middle finger and ring finger of the left and right hands on the forehead, and do a small massage from the center of the forehead to the left and right sides respectively, a total of 6 rounds, gently when you reach the temples on both sides Press the ground and do 3 times back and forth; open your hands slightly, lift your hair gently, use the finger pads of your left and right hands to massage the scalp on both sides of your head rhythmically, and then massage the back of your head. When you finish your head massage, you can also try some massage to eliminate dark circles.

Ear massage: Do you sometimes feel hard behind your ears? This is the pressure that you feel when the lymph nodes behind the ears become tight. Massage can relax the ears and the base of the ears and relieve the busy day. After applying massage oil to both hands, use the middle fingers of both hands to clamp the left and right pierced parts respectively, and then use the index and middle fingers to clamp up and down movement.

Foot Massage: Massage to help relieve the fatigue of the feet and a Dubai body to body massage can relax your full body. After applying the massage oil to the feet, first clamp the toes with two fingers, and move the toes from the base of the toes to the toes. After that, move the four fingers together and massage the soles of the feet from the heels to the toes. Need special attention, there are acupuncture points on the soles of the feet that promote uterine contraction, the movements should be gentle and the strength is appropriate.

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