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Dubai Massage Helps You Eliminate Dark Circles

Every day, our eyes have to blink about 10,000 times. The eye muscles that control these movements are prone to over-fatigue and develop in the direction of muscle aging. And in Dubai, this new city which come in the information age, we have too much time spending on the screen, your eyes will be tired. Even without these fatigue exercises, muscles will get the sign of age. And blood circulation also has a great influence on muscle aging. Keep the muscles in a soft state so that wrinkles are less likely to occur.

Amy is from Thai, she is our best masseuse, specially good at full body massage in Dubai.

Dubai Massage Full Service
Amy - Best Massage Girl in Dubai

In Dubai, beauty-loving girls all hope to dilute and eliminate dark circles. How to eliminate dark circles? I believe that the massage method will definitely help you! Not only the massage in Dubai, and also some food also can help you, I will tell you some method and good food to you today,

Eye massage

It is said that the beauty master test, often gently tapping the corner of the eye with the palm of the hand, can improve the blood circulation around the corner of the eye, enhance local metabolism, delay skin aging, and have a certain effect on preventing crow's feet in the corner of the eye. Actually, not only for the eye, but also the body skin, the body massage in Dubai will make it more beautiful.

To perform massage health care correctly, use the following 4 methods to massage:

Close the index finger, middle finger, and ring finger, extend the massage from between the eyebrows along the eyebrows, and massage it straight to the temples of the forehead, and repeat 20 times.

Massage from the bridge of the nose along the lower eyelids to the ears, repeat 20 times.

Massage down from the forehead and continue to under the cheekbones.

Close your eyes and massage 20 times around your eyes. These 4 massage methods can be used at once, or one or two of them can be used in turns. And if you want more information of Dubai Massage Home Service, you can check our website to get it easily.

Daily eye care

Frequently rub some anti-wrinkle creams, essences, etc. around the corners of the eyes, and massage the parts for 3 minutes after rubbing to make the nutrients absorbed by the body.

Good habit of eye care for dark circles

Keep a happy mood, don't worry and worry, and prevent frowning and crying from causing crow's feet.

It is necessary to correct bad habits in daily life. If people like to squint, read books and newspapers while lying down, squeeze their eyebrows, rub their eyes with dirty hands, etc., they will easily cause eye problems and crow's feet. And you can do all these massage during menstruation.

Foods that can expel dark circles:


Since iron is the core component of hemoglobin, supplementing with an appropriate amount of iron can trigger an increase in hemoglobin, thereby enhancing its ability to transport oxygen and nutrients, and kelp can be iron, so regular consumption of kelp can also relieve dark circles. Other iron-rich foods include animal liver and lean meat.


Even if the hair is black and beautiful, it can also eliminate dark circles. It is no wonder that some people regard sesame as a magical "magic food." In addition to sesame, other foods of vitamin E include peanuts, walnuts, sunflower seeds and so on.

In addition to vitamin E can nourish the eyeballs and eye muscles, vitamin A also has such effects. Carrot is the best choice to increase the absorption of vitamin A. It can maintain the normal function of epithelial tissue and improve dark circles. Foods containing vitamin A include animal liver, butter, poultry eggs, alfalfa, apricots and so on.

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