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How to use essential oil to make a massage in Dubai

Essential oil massage refers to the method of using essential oil (massage oil blended with base oil and essential oil) to smear on the required parts and perform a body to body massage in Dubai. We can relax the mind and relieve stress by massaging the body.

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Body to Body Massage in Dubai
Dubai Massage at Home

Massage method

1. Sliding on the skin: This should be the most useful technique in the essential oil massage method. It refers to a series of gentle sliding and soothing movements, which can make the essential oil penetrate into the body and make the whole body relax and stable. When massaging, please use your entire palm, not just your fingers, and relax your hands. The force can be strong or soft, and the movements can be large or small. This will relax the muscles, increase blood circulation, relieve tension and stress.

2. Shiatsu massage: This technique is like kneading dough. The thumb can apply a little force, but the movement should be slow and moderate. These movements are of great help to the fat-thick parts and the back, which can relax the muscles, promote the flow of blood and lymph, and assist the discharge of toxins in the body.

3. Using the above two basic techniques, massage methods applied to various parts of the body. All massage methods must be massaged towards the heart. When massaging young children, the elderly and the weak, please use gentle sliding and stroking movements. Not only for relax, you can also make yourself more beautiful.


The technique is a small but strong circular movement, divided into two sides by the cervical spine, each massages from the bottom of the neck upward to the bottom of the scalp, and the left and right sides of the cervical spine form a circular massage movement.


Using sliding strokes and kneading techniques, use your thumbs and palms to repeatedly massage back and forth from the shoulders to the neck.


Use sliding strokes and kneading techniques, the strength can be strong or weak, but never massage on the spine. Starting from the inner side of the waist on the back, the movements of both hands should be coherent and smooth, massage up to the shoulders, and then massage down the outer side of the back. Repeat this massage action many times, the longer the time, the more relaxed the body will feel.


Dip the essential oil with your fingertips, using sliding and stroking techniques. When massaging yourself, use clockwise circular motions, and when massaging others, use counterclockwise. Essential oils can play a role in maintaining the abdominal skin.

Arm and legs

Put the four fingers together, move back and forth with the fingertips to press the forearm muscles, push the fingers upward from the elbow to the shoulders, and when they reach the shoulders, bend the fingers and move along the shoulders, then flatten, and gently massage down to the elbows , repeat the massage.

With fingers relaxed and bent along the leg, use gentle kneading and squeezing techniques to massage from the ankle up to the thigh.


Use a thumb to massage in a straight line from the toe to the heel or rotate and knead the acupuncture points, massage the back of the foot and the sole of the foot alternately.

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