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How to slim face most effectively? It's the face massage in Dubai

In Dubai, for girls, although the fat on the face will be a bit cute, but it is definitely not feminine, so how to get thinner faster? Try the cheek exercise shared by everyone. In fact, like some baby fat, you can often do "micro-movements" of the face, such as drum cheeks.

Specifically, it is like blowing a balloon, using the muscles of the cheek to slowly release the air pressure in the mouth. This will exercise your facial muscles. But what is the most effective way for the face slim? We believe that, it is the massage, including Deep Tissue Massage and Japanese Massage in Dubai.

Yuki is from Japan, she is good at full body massage with this essential oil.

Dubai Massage Full Service
Yuki, sexy massage girl in Dubai

In addition, lack of diet or sleep can also cause edema-type fat faces. Eat more water-draining foods, such as coix seed, or winter melon, corn, etc. Remind that the various face-lifting methods transmitted by the Internet, such as tooth extraction, chewing gum, face-lifting masks, and eating with incisors, are just superficial and difficult to work.

How to do a face slim massage in Dubai most effective

Slim face massage, Step 1

1. After washing your face, apply some moisturizing lotion or gel evenly on your face, hold your fist, slightly bend your forefinger, and use the second joint along the arc below the cheekbones to lightly from both sides of the nose gently push up to the front of the ear.

2, then fists with both hands, and rub the cheeks on the left and right sides from the chin up with the second key of the fingers close together.

3. Open palms and bend slightly, rub the cheeks from the left and right mouth corners with one side of the index finger.

4. Put your fingers close together, use your fingertips to start from the place where your lower jaw is connected to your neck, and wipe down gently along your neck.

5. Soak the towel in cold water at last, then wring it a little, fold it from the chin to the cheeks to surround the entire face, and press down with your palm from the bottom up to calm the nerves.

Step 2

1, if you have applied toner, use your middle finger and ring finger to press from the top and bottom of the eye along the eye bone to the outer corner of the eye.

2, the forefinger and thumb first converge on both sides of the nose, and then open the index finger and thumb up and down respectively, while massaging the facial muscles around the cheekbones.

3, forefinger and middle finger close together, starting from the center of the forehead, along the arc of the eyebrows, rub gently to the left and right temples.

4, then open the palms, fingers close together, starting from the outer corner of the eye, along the arc of the side cheeks, massage down to the neck.

5, finally, apply cosmetic liquid or lotion around the law lines on both sides of the mouth, and at the same time, gently press with your fingertips.

By a full body massage in Dubai, you can not only slim your face, but also can make your breast bigger than before.

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