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Enjoy Your Breasts Massage in Dubai

Not only in Dubai, as everybody knows that, a perfect breast will make women more attractive and more confident, but in reality, many women have small breasts. So some girls in Dubai want to achieve breast augmentation through some methods. The big breasts of women are not only born, but the development of the day after tomorrow is also very important.

Female friends who don't feel big enough are worried. Then let ’s try the technique of breast enhancement. Do you know how to massage breast enhancement? Yes, the breast massage in Dubai, and if you get a bigger budget, a full body massage in Dubai is more effective.

Nancy is from Kobe, Japan. She is professional in body massage, and especially for the Body to body Massage in Dubai!

Dubai Massage Body to Body
Nancy, most sexy massage girl in Dubai

The best way to massage breasts

1. Press massage method

Compression massage in Dubai can effectively stimulate the breast and give the chest a second chance to develop. First, lie supine on the bed, and then press the chest with the joints of the middle and index fingers. And then, press from the root of the breast, then slowly increase the pressure around the breast, and repeat the press about 5 times. This method is suitable for bedtime and can stimulate chest development at night.

Shiatsu massage method is relatively simple, but it can effectively concentrate the chest and improve the chest shape. Before massage, you can apply some breast enhancement oil to the chest, then cover your chest with both hands, and massage the bottom of the breast in a clockwise direction, repeating more than 30 times. Then do a circular massage in the counterclockwise direction, and massage 30 times.

3. Breast cream massage

The fastest way to massage breasts. I recommends that when you massage with massage cream or massage essential oil, the main role of massage is to clear the blocked breast ducts and stimulate the secretion of estrogen in the human body to achieve the effect of breast enhancement. The pure natural essence used by Breast Papaya cream is the main material. The Thai wild kudzu root essence contained in the cream can guide the free fat around the chest to orderly accumulate in the breast. It has a significant effect on regulating female endocrine levels. In the human environment, it maintains the highest activity and acts on the breast glands, stimulates the second natural development of the breast, helps the breast cellulite to grow and swell, and allows the breast to grow naturally and enlarge the breast.

Four common foods you must know about breast enhancement

1. Peanuts

Peanuts are rich in fat and vitamin E, which can promote the development of women's ovaries, increase the number of egg cells, and stimulate the secretion of estrogen. Peanuts and black sesame are known to be rich in vitamin E, which can promote the development and improvement of ovaries and increase mature egg cells , Stimulate the secretion of estrogen, thereby promoting breast duct growth and breast growth. Sesame also contains a powerful anti-aging substance, sesaminol, which is an important nourishing food for preventing female aging. The B vitamins in it are very rich, can promote metabolism, and are conducive to the synthesis of estrogen and progesterone, so it can play a role in breast beauty .

2. Soy beans

Soybean is known as the meat of the poor, because it is rich in nutrients, including protein, oil, sugar, vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber, soft lecithin and other ingredients. What women excites most is the isoflavones and plant emotion Phytochemicals such as hormones are the best natural breast enhancement ingredients.

3. Yam

Yam is rich in starch, protein, essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals and other ingredients, as well as digestive enzymes, which can help eliminate fatigue and boost the spirit. Especially the sticky and slippery ingredients of yam have the effect of promoting hormone secretion and synthesis, and the fat content is very low, so it is listed as one of the most favorite breast enhancement ingredients in modern people.

4. Pumpkin

Pumpkin is rich in nutrients such as starch, protein, fat, and vitamins, which can effectively prevent common diseases such as hypertension and diabetes in modern people. Eating together with pumpkin seeds has a lactating effect on pregnant women, and most women have the effect of adjusting the belt to help breast development.

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