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How to Do a Home Leg massage in Dubai?

The benefits of leg massage in Dubai are very numerous. For different people, the benefits of massaging the legs are different. In Dubai, because of the sand road and the high temperature, people need more feet and legs massage than any other area people around the world. But how do you do your own leg massage at home?

Jolin is from Thai, she is good at the body to body massage and the leg massage at home.

Dubai Full Body Massage

Massage ankle

Use the right thumb to push the lower edge of the raised bone from the inside of the ankle. You can slide it 3 times and slide it 3 times along the outer edge of the raised bone in the same way, then change the left ankle.

Massage calf

1. Squeeze about 10 yuan of the size of the emulsion in the palm of your hand, then overlap the left and right palms and rub, so that your hands are evenly smeared with the lotion, then slide the bottom of the right calf from the bottom to the front, side and back.

2, the left and right fingers alternately alternately, from the calf near the ankle to the upper side, while pushing and pushing the calf, you can gently push the calf 10 times from bottom to top.

3. The right hand is facing up and the left hand is facing down. The thumb of both hands is pressed from the root of the lower leg upwards about 10 times inside the calf to improve the edema of the calf.

Massage thigh

1. Apply a massage oil or lotion of about 1 dollar coin size to the right thigh skin. Then make a fist with both hands and place it on both sides of the thigh. Use the knuckles on the fist to slide from the base of the thigh to the position where the thigh is close to the knee.

2, then press down the fist, so that the fist knuckles and knuckles skin flatten the thigh, and then slide back and forth thighs once, 1~2 can alternate 3 times in turn, can slow the thigh's soreness.

3, the right palm buckles the thigh, from the lower edge of the inner thigh of the knee to the inner side of the thigh with the thumb and thumb, while sliding to move to the root of the thigh, after sliding 1 time, you will feel the inner thigh of the thigh Loosen. After finishing 1-3, change the left thigh and repeat the same movement to relieve thigh edema and soreness.

Conclusion: Leg massage can help slim down, lose weight and improve immunity, but when doing leg massage, pay attention to 2 hours after eating, to avoid over-saturation and excessive hunger massage.

At the time, it is necessary to concentrate on the body. It is not possible to do a full body massage to woman's abdomen and waist during menstruation and pregnancy.

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