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How Can You Make Your Legs More Beautiful in Dubai?

After a hard working day, your full body will inevitably accumulate a lot of excess water. If you don't excrete it, take it to the next morning, then your legs will probably become fatter and fatter! I will teach you a simple "five-minute massage and stovepipe exercise", in addition to edema and fatigue, but also your slim legs!

This is very important because of the weather of Dubai, now, it is near the Christmas Day in the winter, but the temperature is still high in Dubai, not to mention in the summer.

Coco is from Japan, she has such two beautiful legs, she is good at leg massage in Dubai.

Dubai Best Massage

The perfect time for slim legs! A simple leg massage and exercise after bathing!

The best time for a beautiful leg massage is no doubt at night. A simple five-minute stovepipe exercise can help your body excrete the waste material accumulated during the day. The next morning, the legs are naturally slim and beautiful.

After bathing, people's bodies will heat up and relax from the inside out, and the blood circulation will become smooth. This is why it is often the best time after bathing. Bathing not only makes the body hot, but also has the effect of detoxification to edema.

Five minutes! Beautiful leg massage, fight off edema! On the same time, you can also try a toe massage, they will work together and get a better effect.

Help the body to excrete waste, relax from the lymph, a set of five-minute stovepipe exercise, with the effect of not only beautiful legs!

1 standing step by step & standing on tiptoe

1 step for 30 seconds, legs raised, step size increased

2 feet and shoulder width, straight back, high leg lift, then slowly put down, cycling training within 30 seconds.

※ When carrying out the action of lifting the leg, keep the back straight and look straight ahead. Try this set of movements in front of the mirror to ensure accurate posture.

2 Three-minute leg massage to help the body excrete waste

Before the massage, it is recommended that you apply body lotion or massage essential oil, which not only helps the leg plasticity, but also smoothes your skin!

1 Make a fist in one hand and rotate the massage at the center of the foot.

2 Grasp the ankle with both hands and knead the knees from the ankles.

※The massage direction is basically from bottom to top.

3 Make a fist in one hand and massage the inside of the knee.

4 The thigh part is up to the leg root and the same massage operation as the calf part is performed. Massage each leg for one minute.

3 Finally, shake your puffy legs!

1 supine, legs slightly lifted.

2 Do not use force, just gently, shake your legs for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

The legs can't be fast in a day, and sticking every night is the key. No matter how thin a person's legs are, the daily edema is superimposed, and beauty will eventually disappear. Fatigue and waste accumulation are the enemy of beauty.

It is a good habit to do detoxification five minutes before going to bed, which helps to promote metabolism and eliminate edema. Five minutes, five minutes to complete, before going to sleep, put an "insurance" on your beautiful legs!

If you want to know more about it, or get more tips or notes, just contact us for any questions you may have.

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