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Face Skin Care by Massage in Dubai

Facial massage refers to applying moisturizer to the entire face and applying a certain gentle method to massage, so that the fatigue of the face can be restored, the facial contours are clearer, and the facial skin is more radiant. So, do you know which massage techniques have this effect? Introduce facial massage methods, let's take a look. Facial massage in Dubai helps women's facial skin to become delicate, white and translucent.

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Dubai Massage Best Girl- Helen

In life, many girls in Dubai like to dress up beautifully. Facial massage becomes a healthy beauty method, facial massage can promote blood circulation. So, what are the methods of facial massage? The following I will tell you some methods of facial massage. Last week, I introduce some tips of Facial Massage in Dubai.

Facial massage method to create a beautiful face

1. Facial massage with fruit

Using two pieces of fruit peel (apple of cucumber ), take one piece in each left and right hand, massage along the corners of the mouth and the cross section of the nose, massage in a circular motion, then massage from the middle of the forehead to the frontal corner for about 3 minutes.

Efficacy: This method nourishes the face with vitamins and other ingredients in the peel, promotes the metabolism of skin cells, and enhances beauty.

2. Facial hot compress massage

Apply a hot towel to the face and massage the towel clockwise across the towel with your palms for about 3 minutes. 1 massage every night before going to bed. Skin should be carefully cleaned before massage, and skin care products can be added after massage.

Efficacy: The hot compress massage can open the facial pores, which is conducive to skin absorption, waste discharge and nutrient absorption.

Massage the face with the index finger, middle finger, and ring finger of both hands. Rub the chin first, massage in the direction of the earlobe, then massage from the corner of the ear to the ear, then massage around the eye socket and forehead, and finally use the palm to bottom up, rotate the entire face from the inside .

Efficacy: It nourishes the skin.

4. Milk bath massage

Gently knead for four weeks, then rub the cheeks and the surrounding areas, then dip the milk with both palms, separate the adjacent alars, and then push up; then finally rub the forehead several times with one palm. The milk bath is not only used as facial massage by also the full body massage in Dubai.

Efficacy: This method can moisturize and nourish facial skin.

In general, facial massage can be performed by yourself. Apart from work or housework, massaging the face can relieve fatigue and build up skin. Wash your hands and face before massage, apply massage cream on your face, and gently press in one direction on the skin with your palm or finger palm during massage. The general massage direction is at right angles to facial wrinkles.

However, the wrinkles around the corners of the eyes and mouth need to be massaged circularly. After the massage, wipe off the massage cream with a hot towel. If there is infection or acne on the facial skin, facial massage is strictly prohibited.

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