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Eye & Face Massage in Dubai

In Dubai daily life. You're face a computer for 12 hours? Walk, ride, go shopping, or even a meal, also holding a phone in hand? That is, of course, your eyes is in the first to suffer. According to the survey, 90% of eye ministry skin problems are caused by fatigue and lack of rest.

Of course, is the fundamental way to improve habits, but on the other hand, for his eyes every day to carry on the massage in Dubai, are of great help to alleviate eye fatigue, also can be used to protect skin to taste in the process of strengthening nursing!

1. On the forehead as a starting point, both hands finger from a central location to gently temporal, then stop at the temple for 3 to 4 seconds. This set of movements repeated five times, help to promote the face blood circulation.

2. Eyes closed, gently press the eyes with rub warm hands, about 30 seconds. The warm palm help double eye frost penetration and the function.

3. His hands holding a fist, pressed the rib of the index finger joints under eye head 4 white nest, stay for 3 seconds, then relax; Repeat 4 to 5 times, can stimulate blood circulation around the eyes, relieve eye fatigue muscles.

4. With ring finger along the direction arrow on the pressure, be gentle strength. If the eyes are very tired, can use fingertips to and fro in right before one's eyes and stimulate blood circulation and awaken taut tired eye skin. After the massage, the skin can double increase the absorption of skincare products. 5. With ring finger massage around the eye along the direction of the arrow. Repeat 5 times, this action will help improve eye skin, prevent the eyelids droop.

Matters needing attention

1. Before the eye massage, can fold hot towel applied growth square in the eyes; Hot steam will help relieve eye fatigue, promote blood circulation.

2. Remove eye makeup, efforts to soft, had better choose soft cotton or cotton swab for auxiliary.

3. The people who work at the computer for a long time, every 30 minutes to the line of sight should leave the screen for a moment, will focus shifted to the distance, let eye muscle relaxes. In addition, the work table is put some green plants, during the break to have a look, can help relieve eye fatigue.

4. Some people because of myopia or hyperopia not deep, greedy for convenient, everyday don't wear glasses, but over the long, eyes to focus because often should improve, joint eye week skin for a long time is in nervous condition, so that the blood circulation, causes various skin problems.

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