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5 Dubai Oil Massage Effect For your Body

In Dubai, now, as the pressure of life increases, more and more people choose massage to relieve their physical and psychological pressure. Among so many kinds of massage, the oil massage in Dubai would be a so effective one to relax your whole body. There are 5 main effect can be used most.

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The head massage

Use your fingertips for essential oils and massage your entire scalp with your fingers. When you have a headache, massage around the base of the neck and massage the base of the scalp to the bottom of the scalp. The finger should be used to massage the movement of the body, so that the essential oil can penetrate into the body.

Neck massage

Available through your fingers touch essential oils, gimmick is small and strong guoquan action, with cervical divided into both sides, each massage upward from the bottom of the neck to the bottom of the scalp, cervical spine in a row circle around each type of massage action, such a good dry oil absorption.

Shoulder massage

Use the tips of your fingertips to rub the oil, use your thumb and hand, and use your thumb and hand to massage back and forth from the shoulders to the neck, so that the essential oil can be fully absorbed.

Back massage

Use the oil of finger tip, use slide touch and knead the technique of kneading, the strength is weak, but must not massage on the spine. Start from the inside of the back of the waist, the movements of the two hands should be consistent and smooth, massage up to the shoulders, then massage the back side of the back, so that the essential oil can spread to the entire waist. The longer the massage, the longer the body goes.

Abdominal massage

Use the essential oil of the finger tip, use the technique of sliding touch. When massaging oneself, use the clockwise direction to stroke the movement, for others massages, is counterclockwise direction. Essential oil can help maintain abdominal skin.

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