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Dubai Massage to help you treat back sprains

Waist sprains are often encountered in our Dubai daily life. Getting up in the morning, carrying things, or leaning over to pick up things may cause waist sprains. Scientifically speaking, it is an acute laceration caused by sudden overstretching of soft tissues such as lumbar muscles, fascia, and ligaments due to external forces, sometimes so severe that they cannot move.

Waist sprain is a common thing, we can't avoid it, we can only do the best treatment. Necessary treatment should be carried out immediately when the waist is sprained. After treatment, some massage in Dubai at home can be used to achieve the purpose of treatment. At the same time, massage is an effective method for treating lumbar sprains. Of course, serious lumbar sprains need to be diagnosed and treated in the hospital.

Nanako is from Japan, she is good at the Body to Body Massage in Dubai.

Massage in Dubai at Home
Dubai Japanese Massage - Nanako

What should I do when my back is sprained?

If it is just after the sprain, apply cold compresses. If the sprain occurs within a few minutes or less than ten minutes, immediately use an ice pack or a cool wet towel to apply cold compresses to avoid local blood vessel dilation, oozing and aggravating edema. It has the effect of reducing swelling and pain. After half an hour, the cold compress is over and the next treatment method is started. At the same time as cold compresses, it is necessary to rest, and rest can reduce the symptoms of a sprained waist. After a lumbar sprain, you should stop exercising immediately to allow the injured muscle to rest, so as to avoid further damage, resulting in chronic lumbar muscle strain and lumbar disc herniation. Rest methods are mainly bed rest, to sleep on flat beds, do not have very thick mattresses.

How to massage after a sprain

After the waist sprain, if you choose the Shiatsu and a full body Dubai massage in the acute stage for treatment. By massaging the muscles, the disorder of the facet joints can be improved, and the severe waist pain caused by acute lumbar sprain can also be quickly relieved, as well as the limited flexion and extension activities. It has an immediate effect on acute lumbar sprain.

After the acute stage, you can choose deep acupressure and local muscle relaxation massage. The main treatment principle is to relax the muscles on both sides of the waist. The massage method chooses a gentle method. The purpose of massage therapy is to relax. Muscles on both sides, relieve the spasm and tension of the waist muscles caused by the waist sprain.

The psoas sprain can be improved by massage. However, when massaging, you must pay attention to the massage technique, as long as the technique and strength are well matched, the best effect can be achieved. Although massage can improve some adverse symptoms of lumbar sprain, it will be same with the Prostate Massage, will give you many benefits, and the effect is relatively slow. It is recommended that patients take some symptomatic drugs during massage in Dubai to speed up the recovery of sprain.

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