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Dubai massage can help relieve emotional stress

In Dubai, everyone will encounter stressful times. Appropriate pressure can often be transformed into motivation, but too much pressure will often cause people to have some negative emotions. When encountering too much pressure, we should learn to De-stress yourself. When your mood takes a turn for the worse, don’t sit back and hold it in. It’s so easy to adjust your mood! High mental stress is not a good thing. So what's the secret to relieving stress? I think some body massage in Dubai can effectively relieve stress.

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Massage in Dubai at Home
Dubai Massage Full Service

In fact, the secret to relieving stress is massage. Massage can relax the body and relieve stress. We often say that massage is the best way to maintain health. Regular massage can prevent and treat diseases. In fact, massage can not only solve physical pain but also solve some human emotional problems.

1. Neck pain: According to a 2009 survey in the United States, 55% of patients with neck pain were relieved after 10 massages for 10 consecutive weeks, and 39% of them said that massage was more effective than neck traction. Be better.

2. Muscle soreness and tightness after exercise: A 2010 survey showed that massage is significantly helpful in relieving joint and tendon soreness and tightness caused by exercise, even if it is only massaged around the joints for 30 seconds. You can try the simplest method: find the area where the muscles and tendons are connected behind the knee joint, hold it with your thumb and massage it in small circles. You will soon feel much more relaxed by the Dubai Massage Full Service.

3. Emotional stress: 80 minutes of hand and foot massage can significantly reduce the patient's heart rate, sebum alcohol and insulin levels.

4. Depression: Massage can relieve the symptoms of depression, significantly reduce blood pressure and heart rate, inhibit stress hormones, and cause the body to release 5-hydroxytryptamine.

5. High blood pressure: After 45-60 minutes of deep massage, blood pressure will decrease.

6. Back pain: The causes of back pain are very complicated, and the solution is very simple. General massage techniques can relax the back, allow the body to release endorphins, and improve the tolerance to pain, and it can help lumbar muscle strain very well.

7. Constipation: A Swedish study showed that using massage to assist conventional laxatives in treating constipation can significantly improve the treatment effect compared to using laxatives alone.


Massage often puts you in a state of physical and mental relaxation and peace of mind. If supplemented with appropriate massage techniques, it can promote blood circulation, prevent and cure diseases. If you are always in a state of high mental stress, it will lead to physical or psychological problems.

Precautions for decompressing massage

Stress-reducing massage must eliminate distracting thoughts in the mind and make the mood relaxed and peaceful, so that the effect will be obvious. Stress-reducing massage should not be one-size-fits-all. It should be symptomatic massage based on physical constitution and psychological conditions.

When you're trying the face massage, it is not advisable to use too much force to avoid damaging the skin and subcutaneous tissue; it is also not advisable to massage frequently to avoid accelerating skin aging. When using essential oils to decompress the eye area, avoid the area around the eyes.

When applying decompression massage to the feet, drink an appropriate amount of warm water within 30 minutes after the massage to facilitate blood circulation throughout the body. Patients with heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, hypertension and epilepsy should not massage their feet for more than 10 minutes. It is forbidden to wash your feet with cold water or wipe the massaged area with a cold towel after massaging your feet.

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