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Dubai Massage after bath to lose weight

In Dubai, massage to lose weight has gradually become a favorite method for girls to lose weight. Because there is no need for running fitness or high-intensity exercise, you only need to massage 2 to 3 times a week to achieve the goal of losing weight. For Dubai weight loss massage, you can choose. So for weight loss massage, can you lose weight by massaging certain parts? Let’s take a look at how to lose weight after a shower and enjoy the massage in Dubai.

Miya is from Malaysia, she is our best masseuse for Body to body Massage in Dubai.

Massage in Dubai Body to body
Dubai Massage Full Service - Miya

Arm massage: Eliminate excess meat on your arms and say goodbye to fat arms!

Sit on a chair with a backrest, align your hands with your body and hold it beside the chair.

Action 1: Straighten your elbows into your hips and slowly leave the chair.

Action 2: Bend your elbows but make sure you don’t touch the chair when you lean, and return to the 1 position for about 3 seconds. Repeat about 5-10 times.

Massage for special parts can speed up fat consumption and metabolism to achieve the purpose of thin arms. Alternately massage each key part with both hands 5-10 times. It is better with slimming cream or essential oil.

Chest massage: Tighten the buttocks muscles, strengthen support, and make your chest more and more firm.

Pull up from under your hands to the two sides, until the collarbone is located. Place your hands on the areola and massage upwards in a spiral shape.

Waist and abdomen massage: Eliminate excess meat in the waist and abdomen, making the waist and abdomen narrower.

1. Manual massage: sitting in a sitting position, with your left hand akimbo (thumbs in front, four fingers behind), and your right hand to massage from the stomach to the lower left and back to the stomach through the abdomen for one time, a total of 30 massages. Then, massage with the right hand and 30 times with the left hand in the same way as above but in the opposite direction. The full body massage in Dubai is naturally relaxing, moderate in weight, over-satisfied, overly obese, extremely tired or emotionally stressed.

2. Massage by breathing: using abdominal breathing to massage the abdomen with air. The lower abdomen slowly bulges when you inhale (the diaphragm must follow), and slowly replaces when you exhale. This method can be practiced anytime, anywhere.

Chest massage: Prevent sagging of the buttocks and improve the buttocks line.

Put your hands on your waist, close your four fingers, push your fingers down to the base of your thighs, and then push them down to your waist. Repeat 30 times. With the palm facing up, circle the left and right feet 30 times in a clockwise direction. Make a fist with both hands, tap the shin with the heart of the fist, and be careful to hit evenly and rhythmically for more than 2 minutes. Place the five fingers together naturally, bend the knuckles slightly, and pat forward rhythmically until the chest relaxes.This kind of massage can also be used in treating stiff neck.

Leg massage: Eliminate the looped legs and tighten the curves of the thighs.

1. Calf massage method: Use both hands to pinch from the heel to the tail middle point, and pinch 10 times from the lower path.

2. Fist massage method: Use your fist to massage the calf from bottom to top, rolling 20 times.

3. Calf two-hand massage method: Hold the feet with both hands and massage with both hands upwards until they are aligned, 5 times in total.

4. Thigh massage method: Use both hands or fingers of one hand to cut and pinch upwards from the slender outer side, until the heel of the thigh is done 10 times; then step on the thigh and cut and pinch from the heel of the thigh until the knee Do it 10 times in total.

Do these actions every day after the bath, as long as you stick to it, you will surely achieve weight-loss effects, and you won't waste too much time, and don't need to spend too much energy. If you love beauty and lose weight, try it.

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