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Do you know these 9 benefits of self massage

1. Can improve human body disease-resistant ability Press your arm can promote lymph formation, make human body lymph flow faster, increase the total number of white blood cells in the human body, make the phagocytosis of white blood cells, make the white blood cell classification of lymphocyte percentage increases, thus can improve the body's immune function, disease resistance force, have the purpose of prevention and treatment of disease.

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2. Can food liver dysfunction Massage for visceral has a two-way adjustment for use: if the gastrointestinal peristalsis, can slow gastric bowel peristalsis. If the gastrointestinal peristalsis slow, can accelerate the peristalsis, allowing the body to digest and absorb food effectively. In diabetic patients can improve part of islet function recovery, reduce blood sugar, inhibition of various complications. In patients with urinary system disease, can adjust the sphincter function and the tension of the bladder, can treat disease of urinary retention and urinary incontinence. For cardiovascular disease risk can improve oxygen left heart function, reduce myocardial consumption, reduce the peripheral resistance, thus achieve the goal of relieve angina.

3. Can relieve fatigue The body of the two including physical and mental fatigue. Among them, the main psychological fatigue dizziness, depression, anxiety, inattention, memory loss, work ability, etc.Massage can improve brain blood supply, regulate the function of autonomic nervous system, protect brain, relieve mental fatigue.

4. Can relieve or eliminate muscle fatigue Muscle fatigue mainly for muscle fatigue, pain, movement ability. Massage can help muscle fibers effectively stretching and contraction movement, the muscle elasticity.And because by massage, it can promote the circulation of lymph and blood in the human body, so that the muscles to improve nutritional status, make muscle fatigue caused by muscle fatigue symptoms such as pain, sports ability ease or eliminate, is physical strength can quickly restore, even muscle atrophy caused by other diseases is improved.

5. Can relieve muscle spasm Massage can not only directly by the muscle traction reflection to muscle spasm phenomenon, suppression and pain can be eliminated by the source and to relieve muscle spasms achieved.This can largely improve muscle local nutrition supply and blood circulation, to significantly reduce pain or even disappear.

6. Can relax adhesion Soft sister woven adhesion occurred one of the main reasons for cause pain and movement disorders, through the massage can achieve the purpose of isolating adhesions organization directly, such as using the method of suppression means plucked.

7. Can dissipate congestion and swelling Massage can not only make the press your body capillaries expansion, circumfluence of blood of accelerating speed, and can make the inflammatory exudate absorbed by acceleration and dissipate local blood stasis and swelling. 8. Can improve blood circulation Not only can massage expansion is part of the capillary, cause the massage part blood loop is improved, and can reflex sexual ground to adjusted to the whole body blood circulation.At the same time, also can reduce blood viscosity, reduce cholesterol deposition in the human blood vessel walls, and can improve vascular elasticity, prevent hardening of the arteries, and can also improve myocardial hypoxia in patients with coronary heart disease, ischemia, body symptoms such as angina pectoris ease or even disappear.

9. You can lose weight and beauty Massage can also reduce the accumulation of body fat in the human body, the extra fat in the human body through the burning is converted into heat, so as to achieve the purpose of weight loss. Massage can also make the epithelial cells of aging skin surface are removed, the body on the surface of the capillary expansion, make the skin nutrition supply is strengthened. Enhance the skin's smoothness and elasticity, reduce wrinkles to. Make the skin surface the sebaceous glands and sweat gland secretion from adjusting, reduce pigmentation.

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