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Detail Step of Leg Massage

Because of the role of the calf, blood to smooth flow and circulation in the body. The blood due to gravity, about 70% are concentrated in the lower body. Calf accepted constantly flowing down from the upper part of the blood, the gravity effect, like a pump, day and night to the blood draw again back to the heart. Its importance for calf is called the second heart of human body

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Step 1

Side pinched leg with both hands on the calf muscle, aside from the middle to the top and bottom massage, changing the muscles of the thumb, each leg massage for 3 minutes.

Step 2

The continuation of the above technique, like home and do some housework when twist cloth, of or so leg abdomen muscle, changing from the ankle to the knee place, each leg stick to 3 minutes.

Step 3

Hands holding crus, thumb will leg bone, in front of the lower leg massage from down to up, repeat 3 times. In addition to the thumb and other fingers will intensify efforts to massage muscles accordingly. Each leg stick to 3 minutes.

Step 4

Finally put the thumb in knee above, two hands hold thigh side where I the star in the muscles, press the knee nest position while massage knee, each leg stick to 2 minutes.

The wonders of massage legs

Through massage legs, not only can relax tense muscles, after motion will also help relieve swelling and pain after the movement and improve the microcirculation of the legs, eliminate edema, promote fat burning.

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