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Benefits of foot massage in Dubai, some precautions should be noted

Foot massage in Dubai has many benefits that allow blood circulation to clear and eliminate waste and toxins that accumulate in the body. But foot massage also need to pay attention about the precautions, so you have to pay attention to the following! As we all know, in Dubai foot massage can alleviate a lot of physical discomfort, but you have to know that there are many things that need to pay attention to and understand not only the foot massage, but also the body to body massage in Dubai. Today, follow the small series to see the precautions of the foot and full body massage in Dubai. Jolin is from Thai, she is good at the body to body massage and the foot massage in Dubai.

What are the precautions for foot massage in Dubai? 1, the foot is injured or not massage When there is a wound or abscess in the foot, it is not recommended to massage, because the massage will aggravate the condition of the foot wound and delay the healing of the wound. At this time, it is best to wait for the foot to heal after the wound is healed, the effect will be better. 2, drink water after foot massage Why drink water after a foot massage? This is because the acupuncture points and meridians of the soles of the feet are many. During the massage process, we will stimulate these veins, which promotes the sweating of the body. After the massage, people will feel thirsty and dry mouth because of sweating, so people are recommended to massage. After the soles of the feet, drink some water to replenish moisture.

3, before the foot massage to rinse Before massaging the feet, experts advise people to wash their feet with warm water first. This will not only take away the dirt on the feet, but also make the subsequent massage smoother. Because hot water can help us to clear the meridians of the soles of the feet, the blood can run faster during the massage. 4, apply lubricant Some friends always feel the hand feeling when they massage the soles of their feet. They can't push the soles of their feet. Sometimes they even feel pain. This is actually the result of not applying lubricant. Experts suggest that it is best to apply a layer of lubricating oil before massaging the soles of the feet. After lubricating the skin, it can be smoothed and massaged. Benefits of foot massage in Dubai 1. Foot massage can promote blood circulation: there are many acupuncture points on the sole of the foot. After massaging the acupoints, the blood circulation in the body is accelerated, the temperature of the feet will be warmed up with the massage, and the cold hands and feet in winter can do more foot massage. 2, speed up metabolism, foot massage to promote the body's increase in adrenaline, and thus accelerate the metabolism of women, women's blood will also become ruddy. 3, improve the quality of sleep, through massage, can alleviate the physical fatigue of people, nervous emotions can also be relieved. In a relaxed environment, people's moods will become pleasant and the quality of sleep will increase. 4. Properly massage for a long time, which is beneficial for the treatment of chronic diseases such as diabetes and kidney disease.

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