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Benefits of a leg massage in Dubai

The benefits of nature Massage is very much, as long as the right massage technique, can treat a lot of conditions, and can also make some patients with nerve excitement to be quiet, has a certain similar to sedative effect. Massage can help improve human body whole circulation system, and can also enhance the ability of metabolism and therefore very suitable for some patients with chronic disease or very weak, is a kind of safe and reliable treatment.

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Best Massage Girl

You cannot take medicine for some children, through the massage can effectively improve their physical fitness, some symptoms of pediatric recurrent can have certain control effect, and if the condition is more complex, you can on the basis of massage treatment, drug therapy combined with acupuncture.

Second, the leg massage Tips

1, do massage before fully prepared. Such as trim fingernails, wash hands, take off the ring, etc. 2, massage is best done directly on the skin, also can through the clothes, and at the same time pay attention to keep warm. 3, 2 hours after a meal to massage, the effect is best, excessive hunger or overeating after all unfavorable to massage your self. The leg massage has its own technique, method, the whole leg massage taboo, method, skill. 4, to concentrate, the strength should be uniform, the department, the leg can force a larger; The abdomen, waist the strength should be appropriate, in order to avoid damage internal organs. 5, women in the menstrual period, pregnancy, postpartum 1 months, don't do massage, especially the waist and abdomen massage is absolutely forbidden. 6, with internal organs disease, malignant tumor, infectious, suppurative diseases, such as plastic, burns, skin diseases, varicose veins or thrombophlebitis, tuberculous arthritis diseases such as obesity is unfavorable use massage to lose weight. With the living bone samples, hyperplasia of parts also can massage. 7, self massage, can wake up every day and sleep. Just began to massage to lose weight, there will be a sore and ache all over, but as long as persist, ache will disappear. 8, such as occurrence palpitate, the symptoms such as nausea and purple ecchymosis, should immediately stop the massage, rest for a few days, in reducing the strength, correct to continue after the massage technique.

The leg massage technique 1, according to knead hip prone position or standing, one leg heavy legs step, step makes virtual bilateral gluteal muscle relaxation, with heavy blow to rub up and dorsal branch of bilateral gluteus 1 minute.Together with the four fingers of push for 1 minute, prevention and treatment of gluteal muscle lesions such as disease. 2, hold thigh seat, tiptoe stand, at the back of the thigh muscle relaxation, with ipsilateral large-handedness, from bottom to top 3 ~ 5 times repeatedly. Can lift the leg fatigue and prevention and treatment of leg pain. 3, pushing shares adduction muscle legs slightly outreach, calf adduction. The four fingers together with ipsilateral hand (mainly the middle finger) of the contralateral hand auxiliary, pushed shares adduction muscle, from top to bottom, focusing on the thighs. Have spasmolysis analgesic effect. 4, taps the thigh hands empty fist, seat, in turn, taps the thigh, from light to heavy 1 ~ 2 minutes, there are thin under the effect of invigorate the circulation. 5, knead knee to knee in another lap, or sitting position bend your knees, with double palms knead hold 1 ~ 2 minutes.The prevention and treatment of knee pain. 6, massage popliteus seat, with both hands or one hand together the four fingers to massage the popliteus repeatedly.The methods for prevention and treatment of knee and leg pain, convulsions, restore small leg fatigue has important significance. 7, take hold crus sitting or lying position, a hands on knees, one hand hold the rear of the calf, from top to bottom, from light to heavy hold 1 ~ 2 minutes.Can restore crus fatigue. 8, taps pretibial muscle empty fist taps crus the anterior tibialis anterior muscle 1 ~ 2 minutes. 9, stepping on the calf lie on your back on the bed, side leg knee 100 degrees, calf is stuck on bed surface, with the contralateral top-down or bottom-up on the leg 1 ~ 2 minutes.

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