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Benefits and Notes of Thai massage

What is the most famous in Thailand? You may say Tom Yum Kung Soup, the Grand Palace, or the Muay Thai. But if let me answer this, I would say that the Thai Massage is the best symbol. Many people go to Thailand to travel and will enjoy an authentic Thai massage. But do you know the details of Thai massage?

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Amy is experienced at Thai massage, she comes from Thailand.

What are the benefits of Thai massage?

Thai massage is one of the ancient Thai medical cultures. It has a history of more than 4,000 years long history. Thai massage originated in the western part of ancient India. The founder was the Indian king's royal doctor. He is still regarded as the father of medicine by the Thai people. Thai massage is the stimulation of physical methods to specific parts of our body surface, and then penetrates into various parts of our body through the skin, so that our tired body function can be better restored, or to achieve the purpose of treating diseases.

To sum up, Thai massage has the following advantages:

1, Loosen the adhesion and peel off the adhesive from muscles and ligament.

2, Improve muscle blood circulation and promote the discharge of metabolites such as creatine.

3, Increase the solubility of muscle metabolic products, relax muscles, relieve fatigue by back massage and leg massage.

4, Increase the joint activity, make the joint more flexible, to achieve the role of smoothing joints.

5, Regulate the operation of human blood, increase spleen and stomach exercise, and help digestion.

6, The full set of movements will almost completely massage the body, the technique is gentle and soft, can adjust the emotions, and make people ease the tension.

Thai massage contraindications

1, People with injured skin or skin diseases should not be massaged.

2, Patients with bleeding tendency, should not be massaged. Such as pernicious anemia, purple macule, blood crust reduction.

3, Patients with infectious and infectious diseases should not be massaged. Such as septic arthritis.

4, Emergency patients, should not be massaged. Such as severe heart disease, liver disease, duodenal ulcer, acute abdomen, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and malignant tumors.

5, A variety of bone joints and various postoperative patients, should not be massaged.

6, Old and weak, osteoporosis and pregnancy and menstruation women, etc., should not be massaged.

7, extreme fatigue, hunger, within half an hour after meals and alcoholics, should not be massaged.

The first time you experience a Thai massage, you may not be able to stand the big movement of Thai massage, and you will feel pain during the massage. At this time, you can communicate with the masseuse thoroughly, and the effect will become very good. If you know these notes, you will get a good experience of massage. Check here to contact us for a real good Thai Massage in Dubai!

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