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Autumn Skin care with Massage in Dubai

Autumn in Dubai is windy and dusty, the air is very dry and the temperature is very high. At this time, people's exposed facial skin has an uncomfortable feeling of tightness, which is due to the lack of skin moisture. If the skin is seriously dehydrated, it may be dry and cracked, hindering beauty. So in autumn, skin care is particularly important, some kinds of Dubai Massage at Home is such a good method to it. Autumn skin care needs to pay attention to some problems, let's take a look at it together.

Jolin is from Thai, she owns the most beautiful chest and she is good at the body to body massage in Dubai.

Body to Body Massage in Dubai
Dubai Massage Home Service

Massage facial skin: Every morning, insist on massaging the skin and muscles with both hands, slowly follow the direction of muscles and blood vessels, and massage from the inside to the outside to promote blood circulation and protect the skin. Use emollients; and skin emollients contain rosin oleic acid and rich vitamin A, which can speed up blood circulation, effectively improve the physiological environment of the skin, and reduce wrinkles on the skin.

Since the skin of the body is not as sensitive and fragile as the skin of the face, most body exfoliating products are scrubs. Generally, exfoliating the whole body about once a week is enough, but for special skin types such as keratosis follicles, it can be increased to two to three times a week to strengthen exfoliation on particularly rough parts. When exfoliating, it can be combined with massage, apply the exfoliating product to the palm of the hand, close to the skin of the body, and slowly rub the skin in a circular manner. Since the scrub particles are enough to exfoliate and metabolize the keratin, it is not necessary to use too much force to avoid injury.

From students, office workers to housewives, everyone who lives in modern times is more or less under pressure. The psychological pressure will be transferred to the body. Massage is the best way to relieve physical pressure. If you can't make time for massage in centers, a 5-minute home massage in Dubai every day can also achieve a relaxing effect. And you need know that not only for the body skin, massage scalp is also necessary.

In autumn, we should also pay attention. At this time, everyone should also insist on massaging the armpits. This is a maintenance part that we often ignore. However, if you can massage the armpits regularly, it will not only help people delay aging, but also prevent aging. An important means of disease, very good for our health. In addition, the weather is slightly cold in autumn, which is often in a state of inhibition of people's body cells, which is very detrimental to health, so we should insist on massaging the armpits. And if we can often sit down and press under the armpit, it can activate the lymph nodes under the armpit very well, which plays an important role in regulating blood and delaying aging.

In fact, after September in Dubai, autumn is getting colder, and people often ignore the existence of ultraviolet rays. In fact, the ultraviolet rays in early autumn are quite strong, and the skin is more vulnerable to sun damage during this period. Tanned skin generally doesn't fade easily because the skin's metabolism starts to slow as the weather cools. Therefore, you should also wear sunscreen when you go out. Drink more soy milk, milk and other beverages, eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, fish, lean meat, quit smoking, alcohol, coffee, strong tea and fried foods. Eat more sesame seeds, walnuts, honey, white fungus, pears and other foods that prevent dryness and nourish yin to moisturize the skin.

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