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5 Types Of Foot Massage In Dubai To Weight Loss

In Dubai, people get more and more knowledge about that reflexology is not only effective in helping us reduce physical fatigue and healing, but also one of the best ways to lose weight for people who want to lose weight. So what kind of Massage in Dubai can lose weight? Thai massage, Japanese massage or Deep tissue massage in Dubai?

Yuri is from Japan, she can provide the best full body massage in Dubai.

Dubai Massage Body to Body
Yuri, most sexy girl of Dubai Full Service Massage

How foot massage can help lose weight

1. Massage toes

Massage your toe nails also has the effect of enhancing memory.

Procedure: You can use both hands to grasp the big toenails of your feet and do intermittent massage, massage several times a day for 2 minutes each time, or you can manipulate it to rub the outside of the small toe ruler because the memory is related to the cerebellum. It is also the reflex area of ​​the cerebellum, so massaging the little toes helps enhance memory. Massage for 2 minutes. After that, if the condition allowed, try to get a Body to body massage in Dubai.

2. Tap on the sole

Hitting the soles of the feet with fists before going to bed every night can eliminate one day's fatigue and promote blood circulation throughout the body. It is an enhancement of the visceral detoxification function, which makes the excretion function of blood vessels in the body unimpeded and accelerates the rate of fat burning.

Procedure: Take the sole of the foot as the center, proceed with rhythm, about 100 times for each foot, and complete the exercise for about 2 minutes.

3. Shaking feet

Poor blood circulation throughout the body will lead to visceral dysfunction and endocrine disorders, physical toxins can not be replaced in time, the metabolism is too slow, causing slight accumulation and extra. Simple local foot stimulation can promote blood circulation and speed up the metabolism.

Procedure: Lie on your back on the bed or floor, let your feet shake in the air, and then let your feet rotate like a bicycle. Lasting 2 minutes, the province's blood circulation is immediately smooth, burning unfortunately, and improving sleep.

4. Walking barefoot

There are so many benefits of barefoot walking rather than to lose weight. The biggest advantage of this method is to give the palm a chance to exercise. The palm is an important part to maintain the balance of the massage. Let the palm be stimulated when walking. You can try to walk the pebble road or prepare a band-shaped round pad at home.

Procedure: Separating the five fingers is also a major advantage of walking barefoot. For weight loss and good health, you can free your feet from shoes and socks at home and walk barefoot. Just hold for 2 minutes.

5. Rubbing feet

Let your feet close together and rub together to make blood circulation smooth. When your feet feel warm, you can strengthen the body's detoxification and fat burning effect in a short time. This is the most effective way of Dubai Body Massage.

Procedure: Lie on your back on the bed or floor, lift your feet and rub against each other, if you rub your hands at the same time, it is better. Just rub it hard about 20 times, about 2 minutes. This method also helps sleep and helps you remove your eye bags easily.

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