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Remove Your Heavy Eye Bags with a Simple Massage in Dubai

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

In Dubai, girls pay more and more to their face beauty than before. But they will find that, after 35 years, the eye bags is becoming bigger and bigger. So, do you know what are the methods for removing eye bags? The method of removing eye bags is very important, so that you can say goodbye to eye bags and have beautiful eyes easily. I will teach you to simply remove eye bags, the best way is to get a massage in Dubai. Let's take a look.

Amy is from Thai, she is our best masseuse, specially good at full body massage in Dubai. Every time you want have a relax, let Amy give you a massage full service. I believe that your body will feel reborn again.

Body to Body Dubai Massage
Amy, best Massage Girl in Dubai

It is said that when a person reaches a certain age, there will be eye bags. It doesn't depend on the face skin care, in fact, this statement is not completely correct. If you have a good habit of beauty and skin care, then it can well resist the invasion of eye bags. Dubai Massage exercises are a good solution, allowing you to quickly remove eye bags. Let's understand.

As long as you insist on using massage exercises to deal with eye bags, you will definitely get good results. Eye bags will make your eyes look dull, so when eye bags appear, they must be resolved in time. I believe this massage can play a good therapeutic effect.

Next, I will introduce a set of very effective exercises of Dubai massage at home.

(1) Speed ​​up blood circulation by tapping

After applying eye cream, look upwards, and quickly pat the lower part of the eye with the ring finger of the ring finger. The number of taps is about 20 times.

(2) Pat lifting massage

Use your middle finger and ring finger to move the inner eyelid to the temple from the inner eyelid to the temple, and lift upwards. Repeat 3 times.

(3) Brow bone translation massage

Separate the middle finger and ring finger, hold the corners of the eyebrows and the sides of the eyebrows respectively, move the ring fingers from the inside out to the end of the eyebrows along the brow bone, and then pull the ring fingers and middle fingers together in the direction of the temples and repeat 3 times.

(4) V-shaped lifting massage

Use your index finger and middle finger to divide into v-shapes, extending from the inner eyelid to the outer eyelid and extending to the temple, repeat 3 times.

1. Vitamin E capsules apply to the eye skin

If you can apply the viscous liquid in vitamin E capsules to the skin under the eyes for 4 weeks before going to bed every night, and massage, you can get a good effect of eliminating the lower eye bags and reducing aging.

2. Apply cucumber slices to eyes

Put figs or cucumber slices on the skin under the eyes before going to bed, and persevere to receive the cosmetic effect of reducing the bags under the eyes. You can also use papaya and mint to soak in hot water to make tea, which is often applied to the skin under the eyes after cooling.

3. Avoid pulling the lower eyelid

Use some cream or oil on the face, hit the face with your finger upwards, especially pay attention to tapping on the weak skin around the eyes. Normally, you should avoid pulling the lower eyelid or overstretching it. This is also the key step of Dubai full body massage.

4. Pay attention to diet and nutrition

Daily chews such as carrots and celery or chewing gum in the daily diet. Ordinary fashion should pay attention to eating some colloids, high-quality protein, animal liver and tomatoes, potatoes and other foods, and pay attention to dietary balance, which can provide the necessary nutrients for the regeneration of tissue cells in this part, and it is also beneficial to eliminate the lower eye bags.

5. Apply black tea to your eyes

For the treatment of the lower eye bags, some people abroad often use chamomile, fine black tea or roses, etc., and use heated castor oil or olive oil. Wet the compress on the eye bag every day for 15 minutes to several hours. These substances help solve the eyes The problem of the pouches occurred in the ministry.

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