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3 simple foot massage methods to effectively lose weight

In Dubai, as we know, you are getting more and more modern as this city. Many people know that if you want to lose weight, you need to pay attention to diet and exercise at the same time, but what many people don't know is that foot massage in Dubai can also help you lose weight quickly and easily.

We know many kinds of massage such as Japanese Massage and Deep Tissue Massage in Dubai, so what are the methods of foot massage? The foot massage is introduced below, hoping to help friends in need. Follow me to see it below.

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1, hit the soles of the feet

If you want to lose weight quickly, you can use your fists to hit the soles of your feet before going to bed each night. It can help everyone to eliminate the fatigue of the day and promote blood circulation throughout the body. Fat burning speed.

Method: Take the soles of the feet as the center, perform rhythmically, and take a little pain as the degree. About 100 times per foot, the exercise is completed for about 2 minutes.

2, rubbing feet

If you want to lose weight quickly, you can also close your two feet and rub each other. This will make the blood circulation in the body more smooth. When you feel warm, you can strengthen the detoxification and fat burning effect in the body in a short time.

Method: Lie on your back on the bed or on the floor and lift your feet to rub each other hard. It is better if your hands rub at the same time. Just rub about 20 times, about 2 minutes. This method also helps sleep.

3, walking barefoot

The method of walking barefoot has a great advantage, that is, it can make the palms of weight losers get good exercise. Palms are an important part to maintain massage balance. When walking, let the palms get as much stimulation as possible. You can try to take the pebble road. Or prepare a mat with rounded protrusions at home.

Method: Separating the five fingers is also a great advantage of walking barefoot. In order to lose weight and be healthy, let your feet be freed from shoes and socks at home and walk barefoot. Hold for 2 minutes.

6 notes for foot massage

A foot massage is good for your health, on the other hand, massage is also useful for face slim.

1. Before the massage, you need to prepare a towel, a small bottle of massage essential oil, and a massage stick. Shorten your nails before massage to avoid scratching the patient's skin. A small amount of essential oil should be applied to selected areas during massage to lubricate the skin and prevent abrasions.

2. Try to make the patient feel thirsty after each time of massage. After the massage, let the patient drink about 500 ml of warm water to detoxify.

3. When getting massage, the patient should wash his feet with hot water first, and then lie on his back in a relaxed and emotional state with his lower limbs straight.

4. There are sores, trauma and abscesses on the feet. Avoid the affected area when getting massage. Massage on the same part of the other foot or the corresponding part of the same hand.

5. Long-term foot massage, dull foot pain is a common phenomenon. At this time, soak your feet for half an hour with the medicine, the pain sensitivity will be enhanced, and the treatment effect will be significantly improved.

6. Some patients may experience general discomfort such as chills, low fever, fatigue, diarrhea, or exacerbate the original symptoms after receiving massage treatment. This is a normal reaction after massage. Symptoms disappear naturally in the future.

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