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You Will Get More Than You Think From a Massage in Dubai

Foot is the reflection of the body area, in Dubai massage foot can not only help us to relax the body, also can help us to prevent diseases, then let's take a look at what's good about press foot, foot massage can cure it, what methods of foot massage, I hope you learn to later to be able to make your body more healthy.

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Foot massage to prevent cervical spondylosis

Cervical spondylosis also called cervical vertebra syndrome, the disease is because the bone regression cases change as a result, experts found that through massage in foot reflection area of cervical vertebra, can produce the curative effect of exciting.

The intensity is initially lighter, gradually enhanced, with a slight sense of pain. Massage time can choose to take a time to make it, the best is every morning and evening each morning and evening, every time 10 ~ 30 minutes, after two weeks to the general cervical spondylotic patients can have the accident effect.

Foot massage can cure insomnia

Sat cross-legged when going to sleep every night, a foot up, and then clear you mind breathless meditation, with both hands thumb when heavy light to massage the foot under hundreds of healthy core. After a period of sleep improvement, let you sleep to the big day foot massage can relieve stress.

The modern spirit is often in a state of tension and hyperactivity, which can inhibit the dysfunction, neurosis, insomnia and forgetfulness. If can do meditation for a foot massage before bed, attention excitement on your feet a foot, and make the cerebral cortex, be suppressed, after a period of foot massage stimulation, make the excitement and inhibition of natural transformation, cyclic normal and balance. In the end, the night sleep is good, the day spirit is sufficient, the life has the rule, the heart and the heart disorder also can be improved. The appetite increases, the spirit is abundant, the work efficiency increases, appears to have the effect that the 100 disease dissipates the bone to change the bone.

Foot massage can prevent cancer and detoxify

Science has shown that saliva has an anti-cancer effect. And massaging the bottom of the water, saliva will flow out continuously, the sick person a small mouth slowly swallowing, to the body greatly beneficial. Also, drink a glass of cold water after a foot massage to detoxify. According to the medical treatment: the pediment promotes the blood circulation, after drinking water to replenish water, and the excretion of the waste toxin, the kidney function can be improved, the metabolism is normal, the person appears light and normal.

Massage against pregnant women with foot massage

Some pregnant women the persistent severe vomiting, and could not even eat, muscle weakness, significantly less weight, urine, skin mucous membrane dry, eyeball sag, etc., must be timely treatment, lest affect maternal and fetal development. Foot massage has a quick effect on the disease.

Foot massage in Dubai can be beautifying

A foot massage can maximize the release of toxins from your body and make your face shine again. As long as you have a little knowledge of foot massage for a few weeks, you will be surprised to find that your face is clean and smooth. For women with acne, a foot massage can also eliminate acne.

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